Use 128GB microSD for less than $ 20 to increase switch storage space

By Matt Bashir, Sunday, November 22, 2020 16:52 GMT

Need more storage space for Nintendo Switch? Don’t miss the discount on this excellent Black Friday microSD card.

If you’re planning to buy Nintendo Switch games digitally, it won’t be long before you hit the console’s 32GB internal storage limit. In fact, just saving the file can cause problems. Fortunately, the switch is compatible with microSD, so it’s easy to deal with the problem. But it’s often expensive!

This Black Friday offers a good opportunity to make cheap switches available in the future. For now, if you go to Best Buy, you can put a 128GB microSD card in your bag for only $ 19.99.

128GB sits somewhere between storage space and price. It’s four times the capacity of the Nintendo Switch console, lasts longer, but costs less than top-end Switch games like the more powerful microSD cards.

You may have noticed the little Mario mushrooms on this card. This indicates that it is an official product approved by Nintendo. Currently, I usually tell you to stay away from licensed SD. A typical microSD card does exactly the same job and is usually cheaper. However, this discount knocks out $ 48 from the original (certainly quite painful) $ 67.99 price, so it’s well worth the deal.

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Boost your Switch’s storage space with a 128GB microSD for less than $20

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