Use PoE currency for duelist builds

Duelists are one of the most popular choices in the class, thanks to these builds.

Duelists are a great choice for Path of Exile players who prefer to take a melee route to attack. This class is also proficient in a wide range of approaches, while being able to be effectively intimate and personal. A balanced class is probably the best way to describe a duelist, and there are several build options that require you to invest PoE currency.

Split Arrow Gladiator

For bleeding efficient builds, choose Split Arrow Gladiator. You will inflict fatal wounds on the people standing in front of you with a powerful combination of major physical injuries and bleeding injuries. The fact that very fast clear speeds are possible is another bonus for this build when manipulating endgame maps. It can also hold itself pretty well against the boss. When used with a skill gem known as a puncture, you are a real force.

Focusing on bleed damage also frees up opportunities to maximize evasion. It can help you survive in these situations as the boss will take additional damage when chasing you with bleeding damage. It doesn’t cost much to build this build, so choose it if you’re on a tight budget.

Ground slam imperator

If you’ve already done some research with the duelist and what it has to offer regarding the build, you may have come across this name before. Ground Slam Impaler is considered by many as one of the best duelist builds in the game. The enormous amount of damage it causes is always appealing to the player, which is further enhanced by the gems that come with it.

Obtaining Call of Steel using Ground Slam, Impale, and Shattering Steel will further increase the damage. Thanks to the skill nodes used by the enemies around you, you can introduce additional impales. Most enemies can be killed with a single hit, so the fact that there is a few seconds of time penalty for piercing isn’t really relevant.

Its status as a build that can shoot the majority of enemies in the wake with a single shot means that it also has a very effective survivability. This is a great all-round build, as the useful damage output gives you the opportunity to focus more on your defenses.I don’t really care about the cost, so please PoE trade If you are looking for a specific item to help make it.

Impale Earthshatter

Here we use one of the best duelist builds and stay on the skewered theme. Impale Earthshatter is another build that takes full advantage of Impale support gems and devastates your opponents. The explosive Earthshatter damages everything in the path and uses the damage scaling Cry skill to mimic a similar build.

At this point, keep in mind that this is not always the best build for beginners. The reason is that it can be very difficult to get used to, especially when Cry skills are involved. But when you can bother with these skills, you are seeing the best possible results from the attack.

This should not put you off in terms of difficulty. It doesn’t take long to get used to, but there are enough challenging mechanisms to keep your interests and entertainment while playing as a build. Overall, you’re looking for something that has great clear speed, a strong DPS for a single target, and smoothly guides your endgame content. Impale Earthshatter also offers a variety of setups that you can use. Play around with your equipment and you’ll quickly find builds that are both offensive and defensive.

Players who choose a duelist are pretty spoiled for choosing a good build. There is a good opportunity to create a character build that will help you survive some of the toughest battles the game can throw at you, as well as defeat the enemies you dare to face.Make the most of your Noble orb And for other currencies, do a research to make sure you fire on all the cylinders you are playing as a duelist.

Have you tried any of these Duelist builds in Path of Exile? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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The Best Duelist Builds in Path of Exile

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