Use the power of water to flood your enemies in an action RPG alchemist adventure

In the adventures of alchemists, we hope to use alchemy in combination with the power of the elements to solve problems and overcome dangerous enemies.Since its announcement, we have Taught the importance of utilizing the elements of fire and air, Courtesy of some trailers. But the most important factor is certainly water. Wellwater is, in fact, the focus of the latest trailer for the next action RPG alchemist adventure.

Imagine if you have the power to shape, twist and defeat enemies, solve puzzles and unravel the mysteries of the obvious apocalypse. Controlling the main character, Myr, in Alchemist Adventure makes it entirely possible. As you can see, water is an element of life, and the power of the element is its ability to paralyze the enemy. This is definitely a cracking strategy for dealing with large numbers of enemies.

Each element has its own purpose, but you can usually combine them to create even more powerful attacks to thwart enemies with the weaknesses of a particular element. Water can also be mixed with other materials in the game to create secondary elements such as mud (water + soil), ice (air + water), and steam (water + fire). All of these combinations have their advantages, especially when solving some of the environmental puzzles. For example, mud can weaken soil and then sink obstacles, while ice helps build solid bridges to cross rapids and raging rivers.

Alchemist Adventure is now available on PC. Steam Early AccessHowever, the full game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the first quarter of 2021. Feel free to send us your feedback in the comments section below. But for now, this is a new trailer to show you how to become a seasoned aqua fuel alchemist!

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Flood your foes using the power of the water in Action-RPG Alchemist Adventure

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