Use this Monster Hunter mod to fight Doom Eternal predators with Isabel in Animal Crossing.

Here at PCGamesN, you’re crazy about great crossovers like Thomas the Tank Engine and literally any video game. But one modder went even further to create what could be the mother of all of them. Monster Hunter World: A mod that allows you to fight Doom Eternal predators in Iceborn.

Doom Eternal x Monster Hunter World is a nightmare waiting to be faced by Monster Hunter. Predators are probably Doom Eternal’s most controversial addition to the bestiary of FPS games, a highly technical ability that can reflect attacks, slow down players, and monitor specific instructions before responding. Enemy. In other words, Marauder has a lot of pain in his ass, and hitting him with a Monster Hunter-sized greatsword seems to have been ordered by a doctor.

Created by mods Lyra and Crimson, Doom Eternal x Monster Hunter World does not require ownership of Doom Eternal, but does require Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The Marauder model here is mounted on the Leshen skeleton introduced at The Witcher 3 DLC last year.

The trailer is as follows:


The mod includes transmogs for all weapon types and can be matched to Marauder-themed armor that replaces the game’s Savage Deviljho set. Weapon Transmog replaces the base game Nergigante Form. This is not annoying for players who own Iceborn. This mod contains 4 Marauder related quests. This includes an enhanced version of the monster and a quest that requires you to deal with an indestructible Odgaron while dodging attacks from unfriendly demons.

There is also Marauder Gear for Parico, and you can also fight with the famous Doom Superfan Isabel of Animal Crossing, which was exchanged for Final Fantasy Moogle.

You can download Doom Eternal x Monster Hunter World from Nexus Mods. Also, read the installation instructions carefully. You can also consider downloading Doom Marine Armor and Doom Power Armor Mod with Asterisk Ampersand.

Tear Tear-I want those predators’ eyes to make a nice pendant later.

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