Use to-be lists (not just to-do lists) to measure daily quality

“Don’t equate your self-esteem with how well you are doing in life. You are not what you are doing. If you are doing it, when it is not … it is not. ~ Wayne Dyer

Once you’re in bed, create a small cave that’s perfect for hitting a pillow to rest your head, pulling up the cover tightly under your chin, and giving a big sigh to indicate the end of the day. How do you look back? At the time of awakening you have just experienced? How do you measure the quality of your day?

Measure your day by what you do

Most of us measure our days by what we have done.We look back and count things things to do The list we were able to check. The more check marks, the better.

How well we do also has an impact when we look back on what we have done. The more praise we receive for it, whether self-provided or provided by others, the higher we rank our day in terms of quality. increase.

We may compare our day-to-day achievements with those of those who have been suffering for hours with us. “Did I do more or less than Jim, John, or Mary?” No matter how deceived, if Mary was deceived more, we would sigh of relief, close our eyes at night and do it a good day. Can be called.

Not so good days

But what if you never did what you wanted to do, or if what you did was the same old pain that fills most days? If you didn’t do what you planned, or if heaven banned you, you ruined the royal family and made others blame it, you may be hitting the pillow harder than necessary there is.

Your ability to fall asleep may also be hindered as you regret and ruminate everything you don’t want to do. Tonight you may be giving Mary something to smile on.

So is it safe to say that you had a bad day when you didn’t do it enough, or did it well enough? Only if that is the way you choose to measure the quality of life is the way I did in most of my life.

Learn difficult ways

I’ve given Mary this world a lot over the years to make her feel better. I abused my pillow and spent many nights looking back and throwing and spinning. Did When Did not Of the time I’m awake. I spent my days as a checkmark addict, a praise-dependent person, and a person seeking a competitive comparison.

I had to set goals one after another. I’m constantly adding “only one more” to my one mile long to-do list. I believed I had to do it to feel good enough. So I did, and I did, and I did until I couldn’t do any more.

I got sick. I was forced to do less and face the reality of my situation. Now I consider myself a morbid performer of recovery.

Most of us still measure the quality of our daily experiences, the quality of our lives, by our actions. We rarely determine the value of our life experience by how we are, or by the existence of all of them.

What if that happens?

A day based on being rather than doing

What if you and I ignore the urge to check our checkmark? things to do Would you like to list before joining our PJ and brushing your teeth? What if you sit quietly before going to bed and look back on the day? How we felt and how others felt around us, not what we achieved or did more than anyone else. Will the quality of our day change?

I know that the quality of my life has changed since I started measuring my day differently. In fact, my life improved almost immediately when I started thinking about really important questions at the end of the day.

Important questions to ask at the end of the day

  • how was your day? Really?
  • Did you feel peaceful and calm at some point in the day? If so, you can give yourself many points for that.
  • Did you love and be considerate of Mary when she spilled coffee over what you were working on, or did not honk the slow driver in front of you and was 15 minutes behind your promise Falcon? If you answer yes, get more points. Your daily score is getting better.
  • Did you pay attention to and notice the beauty around you? Did you thank me? Did you whisper the words of prayer? If so, even better.
  • Did you seek tranquility and tranquility at some point for at least a few minutes? Did it take a while to breathe and observe the vitality within you?
  • Not because I was on the to-do list, but because I really wanted to do it.
  • Did you laugh a lot? Did you laugh? Did you find a moment of unexpected joy? Did you look for them?
  • Did you love what you were doing, or most importantly, did you love the people around you?

Congrats! All of this will be a great day.

Is there room for improvement?

At the end of the 24-hour time frame, there may still be room for improvement in the existing department, even though there are large beautiful checkmarks next to all of the to-do list. How would you answer the following questions?

  • how was your day? Really?
  • Were you nervous, frustrated and stressed in the process?
  • Did you feel angry, impatient, or resentful for more than a few minutes today?
  • Did you make a lot of complaints and criticisms?
  • Did you consciously try to do more or better than someone else?
  • Did you have any unkindness or affection for someone or anything, including yourself?
  • Couldn’t you contact someone in need?
  • Did you forget to notice all the beauty of life that was happening around you and within you?

If you answered “yes” to some of the above questions, it may be time to work on improving your daily and quality of life.

Take the heart: tomorrow will be better

However, you are not alone, so do not overburden yourself. To be honest, many of us answer “yes” to these questions. Most of us spend many moments of the day overdoing and degrading their quality. Even when I’m recovering, I sometimes find myself returning to unhealthy behavior.

Recognizing the problem is the first step towards healing. The good news is that from that consciousness we can grow from a good day of existence. With peace and joy, we can begin to experience life as we intended.

All you need to do to start making changes is three simple steps.

Steps to improve the quality of tomorrow

  1. The first step is to be more aware of how you live your life, whether it has been achieved or not, before you fall asleep. Use today as an example. Contemplate, learn and grow from the time you have just experienced.
  2. Then do it.Of course you will have to NS For the next 24 hours, we will prioritize live components over running components.
  3. finally, to write To do List instead of things to do List, for tomorrow. It will be as follows.

Tomorrow will be:

  • Mindful
  • know
  • peaceful
  • Someone who wants a reason to laugh or laugh
  • love
  • Thanks
  • tolerance
  • Thoughtful
  • Supportive
  • yet
  • quiet
  • Faithful
  • Real intention
  • People who just want to be

The quality of your life is determined not by what you accomplish, but by who you are. After all, we are humans, not human deeds.

Let’s live the value of our day based on that little wisdom and accordingly. Just be.

Calm down and get a good night’s sleep. You got it!

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