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Nassau, Bahamas-A tanned designer face behind dark sunglasses and a black T-shirt under a white bib made Ryan Smith part of the PGA Tour Caddy of the Hero World Challenge.

loop Tony Finau Smith was a break from his day-to-day work, and when he considered the calendar, he just missed his usual routine. NS Utah Jazz Owners will miss home games on Friday night Boston Celtics..

Still, he couldn’t miss the chance.

Finau’s regular caddy, Mark Urbaneck, stays home while his wife prepares to give birth. Finau and Smith have been friends in Salt Lake City for longer than either one remembers.

“He called me, and he’s like” Bro, I need you to caddy for me. ” You had to answer the bell, right? Smith said after the week’s boss rolled on a 6-under-66 18-foot birdie putt and sat a shot away from the lead on the weekend.

“When Tony calls, you go. He doesn’t ask for much.”

Jazz defeated the Celtics 137-130 in the absence of Smith.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been in a rope in a tournament. Finau and Smith have partnered twice in the dunhill Links Championship. This is a three-course rotation where Smith can challenge Carnoustie’s Barry Burn and St Andrews Roadholes.

“I was next to him as an amateur partner when he was competing on the old course, so I know his game and his temperament well,” Smith said. “This is the perfect setup.”


Smith reached the top of the stairs next to the scoring room as Finau stepped in to sign his card at the Albany Golf Club. This was more work than play, but he loved it.

“Take a 50-pound bag and I think everyone thinks I’m on vacation,” he said. “This is a daunting task. I’m exhausted.”

Smith is a co-founder of Utah’s cloud computing company Qualtrics and was sold to German software company SAP three years ago for $ 8 billion. At the age of 44, he became the majority owner of jazz a year ago.

Basketball is a lifelong passion, and so is golf.

“I had a stepfather who wasn’t with us anymore, but he took me to golf,” Smith said. “I was working on a golf course when I was 14, picking a ball within range and loved it. At some point in my twenties, I became: And golf It’s one of mine. “

Even when building Qualtrics, Smith spent enough time playing the game to reach the 2 Handicap Index. In addition to playing Finau and Dunhill Links in 2018 and 2019, he participates in AT & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am with players such as: Branden Grace When Jostita..

Smith won the Jack Lemmon Award at Pebble in 2019 and gave it to the amateur who provides the most help to his pros. He and Teater finished third in Pro-Am.

“It’s like playing for the NBA’s pre-season match,” Smith said.

As much as he loves competition, Smith finds great value in relationships through golf. Not to mention a little peace and tranquility.

“Some of the best business relationships and the best partners I’ve met on the golf course. Without this game, our roads would never have crossed,” he said. “And that’s one place I go, where the phone stays in the bag. That’s great.

“My wife says,’You need yoga.’ I tell her that my yoga is golf.”

Smith plays as much basketball as he plays golf with one of the most popular players on the PGA Tour, Finau. Finau ended the 142 tournament drought in five years when he won the Northern Trust to start the postseason of the PGA Tour.

The victory made Finau the Ryder Cup team. Harris English A record rout by an American at Whistling Straits.

This is a good way to end a big year-20 million elite player fields, $ 3.5 million wallet, and $ 1 million for the winner. Finau says his billionaire friend will be treated like his regular caddy.

“He’s taking an extreme wage cut, I know that,” Finau told the golf channel. “It’s a fun atmosphere and a great tournament to take Ryan.”

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Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith is taking a caddy break from daytime work for his longtime friend Tony Finau Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith is taking a caddy break from daytime work for his longtime friend Tony Finau

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