V Rising: How to grow glass

To make glass, 20 quartz pieces need to be inserted into the furnace. All the panes of glass return 20 quartz, and the whole game requires more glass panes, so you’ll need 1 ton of quartz to complete a larger project. That leads to the next point …

How do you grow glass with V-rising?

Quartz is the only material needed to make glass, so when we talk about growing glass, we really talk about growing quartz. Thankfully, there are several viable options when it comes to growing quartz.

Most of the quartz you get is from the node. Unfortunately, Quartz nodes tend to be a bit more difficult to obtain than other mineral nodes in the game. They are all found around Danley Agricultural Land and there is enough space to ensure that it will take some time to attack them all. This is a map of the exact location to find known Quartz nodes in the area (Courtesy: Next segment).

Each of those nodes rewards you with 40-50 quartz each, but you can’t cultivate them indefinitely. Therefore, if you need additional quartz and are waiting to be able to return to those nodes, you should consider another method.

In fact, a significant number of enemies around Danley Farmland can drop quartz. The problem is that these possibilities are generally low enough that the reliability of growing quartz through drops is considerably lower. However, there is at least one spot in the game that offers slightly better odds.

Head to Dunley Abbey and you’ll find a small army of enemies at level 50 and above. All of these troops have a good chance of dropping quartz. It makes it an ideal material farming spot, but you should know that you will need a significant supply of holy resistance potions to survive even being in the area for a long time. is. Therefore, before cultivating an enemy in a monastery for quartz, it may be necessary to cultivate the materials needed for that potion. Therefore, it is usually best to rely on quartz nodes as often as possible and use this enemy farm spot between the node circuits if you can afford potions.

V Rising: How to grow glass

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