Valheim and Loop Hero Lead Steam Top Sellers

It was already clear that Loop Hero was a hit on Steam, but now we know how many hits there were. Published by Devolver Digital and developed by Four Quarters, the Dungeons and Dragons-inspired RPG game ranked second on Steam’s top-selling list this week.

By winning the second spot under Valheim that can’t flap, the top two games of last week’s cumulative revenue in the Valve store are indie games, not a small feat considering the other entries. Looter-shooter action-adventure game Outriders has risen from 7th to 5th place. This means that the demos available are clearly doing the right thing. Hades, one of the 2020 games’ blockbuster roguelike game, is back on the list and is now being discounted by 20% to attract new players.

China’s open-world game Tale of Immortal, which has become a regular on recent charts, has dropped from 3rd to 6th. The developers there are celebrating the monthly sales of 1.8 million copies by doubling the English translation. More DnD action, Baldur’s Gate 3, also stepped up from 9th to 8th, benefiting Dying Light on a free weekend. Deep Rock Galactic and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive concludes the individual games in the 4th and 9th respectively.

Our Ian Boudreau enjoyed the Loop Hero review and wrote: We are still discovering new tile interactions that we can experiment with in future runs. “

Walheim has sold 5 million copies as of this week. In other words, you shouldn’t expect it to move immediately. Players have been working on some wild projects in construction games, such as the World of Warcraft Stormwind Harbor. If you haven’t started yet, check out the Valheim Progression Guide.

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