Valheim Plus mod makes construction more accurate

Viking Craft Adventure Walheim is now the wrath of all raiders. That is, almost everyone has an opinion on which of their craft and survival features are inflated and which are painful. Developers are planning to add features and tweaks during Early Access, but mods have already begun to delve into it. Valehim Plus is currently one of the biggest mods that bundles some handy tweaks along with some very precise construction tools.

One of the best benefits for my money is the shared map system. I’ve hosted the world for some of my peers, but I’ve always been disappointed when I realized they couldn’t see the explored part of the wandering map without them. I’m obsessed with fog of war, so it would be great if they could see my adventure. For it to work, you need to be online at the same time and share your position with other players.

Valheim Plus’s advanced build mode and advanced edit mode also seem to be a big advantage. The Build Mode tool allows you to place build objects with much higher accuracy by moving and rotating them along any axis. Advanced edit mode allows you to move build mode items without first destroying them. It’s a great sigh of relief for me. I don’t want to talk about the number of times I just moved the bed 3 feet and destroyed it and then forgot to claim it as a respawn point.

There are some other adjustments worth checking out, such as changing the speed at which the material is processed, lifting restrictions on teleporting items, changing the weight or stack size of items, and allowing you to carry more at once. I will.

ValheimPlus is a Nexus Mods that can be found with instructions to install it locally or in the server world. According to the author, mod features can be enabled or disabled individually. That is, you can choose between the changes you like and the changes you don’t need.

If you’re not ready to remodel yet, but are struggling with the details of raising first base, check out the RPS Valheim Building Tips.

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