Valheim Review: Coffee Stain Studios’ Viking Survival Game takes over

Walheim It begins with a scribble of red runes that slowly flows into the text. A Scandinavian epic spreads in front of you as you are taken to another territory with crow’s claws. Lightning and lightning echo around you before you fall into a familiar, but somehow extraordinary landscape. When the melodic score begins to flow, there is a mystery and awe. you are here. You are in Walheim.

But despite all of these great elements Walheim It remains realistic and adds experience in a concrete way.

The game offers a clean blend of exploration, RPG elements, and a large open world that somehow feels organic. It’s like a perfect storm, with 4 million copies already sold.

You arrive in the world as a reincarnation of a great warrior from another territory and are set to carry out Odin’s mission to remove Walheim from a terrifying beast that even God does not challenge. Walheim Defeating these bosses will give you access to better armor, housing, and even more tools for creating crafting equipment, so this practice is encouraged.

However, this act is done at the expense of the world itself. Each of these creatures resides in specific biomes such as meadows, black forests, swamps, windswept mountains, and plains. To fight these beasts, you must kill their relatives. And even after defeating the “bosses” in these individual areas, the game forces you to deal with those consequences in the form of world events.

My attempt to kill the great Frost Dragon Modder has upset Drake, who was occupying the mountains. They can plunge out of the natural environment and attack a community house built with friends on a shared server. These events will continue until they arrive, even after defeating these ancient creatures that otherwise existed in peace.

For example, it was not possible to make a pickaxe without defeating the meadow god Eikthyr the Stag. Because in his horns he needed to mine the Earth for crude tin and copper. Proceeding without upgraded armor and weapons is almost impossible as the game starts to get you stuck in different areas. Mountain-like biomes require freeze-resistant potions to begin mining material to increase resistance to the cold when wearing certain armor sets.

Result system

Or, the story allows you to progress at your own pace, so you can always explore the world on your own whims.

I was surprised and awe-inspired as I explored the different biomes I found in the world of procedural generation. While the sun was setting on the horizon, I often stared into the distance and stayed long on the empty shores, which were occupied only by scattered trees and rocks.There is something peaceful in loneliness Walheim I can afford it, but it doesn’t feel empty or hollow.

Careful attention to detail in building a world that creates a deeply immersive reality, whether it is the act of adding adequate ventilation to the house to prevent it from being killed by poisonous gas, or the wind direction determined by deer or other wind directions. there is. Wildlife can sniff out your presence while you sneak.Fantastic creatures can also be found at Walheim, Skeletons and draugr appear in the boring swamp on the edge of the Black Forest.

Image: Iron Gate Studio / Coffee Stain Publishing via polygons

Walheim Feels more in common with early MMORPGs like RuneScape Or system II It incorporates similar ideas, but is more open than modern RPGs. The game provides a less traditional level-up system where players need to use items to increase their affinity with certain stats.

For example, if you want to level up your wood carving, you need to get to work with an ax. If you want to increase your blocking status, you need to block attacks or block punches from your friends for more efficient shield blocking. Players can also use groceries and potions to increase their health and stamina stats.

I spent most of my time cooking and foraging food and wasn’t interested in engaging in combat unless absolutely necessary. If I had to choose one, Walheim I was able to scratch itching for me like the title Mid-autumn moon Or Stardew Valley Otherwise it could no longer be reached. I practiced livestock and farming while my friends fought a herd of wolves and found a kraken swimming between the vast oceans.

Walheim The world is low poly for the most part, but with enhanced lighting and water refraction to create a beautiful blend of early 2000s and modern graphics. Seas and rivers look beautiful, but even the most dire environments somehow stand out. In snowy areas, particle effects can bloom and infiltrate endless yellow grass meadows with thick fog. It stopped me and thanked me for the environmental design and the procedurally generated landscape. This approach allows you to run the game even if you are using a fairly low end machine.

Outside the world of aggressive counterattacks against your invasion and destruction, you can see the environment beginning to change for your work. Mining precious metal to make stronger armor will destroy the entire lawn field. Also, cutting down trees to create sturdy walls and protecting homes that would otherwise not exist will shrink the forest.

This is itself a portrayal of colonialism and environmental degradation, plundering an unknown continent to move valuable material elsewhere and repeat the exact same thing over and over until nothing remains. ..

However, players can refrain from these actions. You can enjoy a more humble home to live alone in the woods and meadows and coexist with the creatures around you.Much of my time Walheim After fishing by the sea nearby, I was cooking fish in my simple house. I just wanted to be quietly there, listening to the sound of the water crashing against the shore, seeing deer bouncing through the woods as I approached clumsy.

Forging away from the sea of ​​the community

Eventually, I settled down and created a server dedicated to myself and the Twitch community.Online features Walheim There is a limit and only 10 players can occupy the server at any given time, but it works fine.

And with a recent update, players in Japan have finally been able to interact with players in Europe and North America in time. However, some of its lack of international functionality added to the immersive feeling during play. One Japanese player on my server was most often unable to interact with us until recently. That is, he could be far away, either in hunting or in a lodge he created in his loneliness.

Fishing in Walheim

Walheim can be a quiet place if you want it
Image: Iron Gate Studio / Coffee Stain Publishing via polygons

When we were nearby or crossed the road, he couldn’t use the item box, so we silently exchanged items. And even if you can communicate on Discord, the game itself will recognize each other with a simple wave and rush in the other direction.

Such a story Walheim A memorable experience. I talk lively and excited about these instances and let others join my already robust group of players on the community server. We interacted individually, progressed, sometimes gathered in apartments and shared food with the mead I cook for everyone.

Walheim Is a game that appears once every few years and settles in a popular consciousness. However, it still maintains a sort of rigidity in which players rely on colonial gamification to get things done. It may have given me the option to refuse to engage in these mechanisms, Walheim Did not provide a real way around them. Continuing to engage with these systems and feeling the direct impact of destroying the environment feels deliberate, other than providing the player with another set of challenges to ultimately overcome. ..

This is a mechanism I’ve never seen used in similar games in other ways, asking questions and asking players to look for other options, or just Walheim completely. Ultimately, I wanted the option to choose to coexist peacefully with the inhabitants of the Kingdom, but I hope it will be possible in future updates.

In any case, social experience Walheim Offering, or sometimes its lack, is second to none today. It has some similarities to multiplayer games, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and loved ones in the distance, but it also provides a way to the virtual outside world and strolls through the woods with people who enjoy it. You can also create curations and community experiences.

The combination of these elements Walheim Such a successful and enjoyable experience is worth sinking for hundreds of hours.

Walheim It has come out Windows PC. The game was reviewed using a download code purchased by the writer. Vox Media has an affiliate partnership. These do not affect your edited content, but Vox Media may earn commissions on products purchased through affiliate links.Can be found Click here for additional information on polygon ethics..

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