Valheim VR mod is still working, but already impressive

With the Valheim VR mod, you can explore your tenth area as if you were actually there.

As discovered by PC Gamer, a mod by Brandon Mousseau allows you to play a standard copy of Valheim in SteamVR. modder has only been tested with a Valve Index headset, but should work with other products such as Oculus Quest with a link cable. This mod works by obscuring the Viking’s head, pausing the game camera to match the eye position, and changing the way the user interface is displayed to work better in virtual reality. However, you can also pull the camera back and play it third. People if you like.

Currently, mods are designed to play while sitting on the mouse and keyboard. You can use the pointer control to navigate your inventory and other UI. Muso is committed to supporting the more complete functionality of motion control. One day, with one properly placed swing, you may feel the satisfaction of soaring a gray shaman. Your mace. If you tend to suffer from VR sickness, you may feel something else.

“Valheim isn’t built for VR, so this implementation isn’t as comfortable as a game built for VR,” Mousseau warns. “If VR tends to make you uncomfortable, this mod is probably not for you.”

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