Valorant won’t get community-created maps for a long time

Valorant got a second new map a while back, but fans are already asking what the future content timeline will look like in the coming months. In the latest video from Riot’s game development team, game director George Guller said the design process and theory behind Barorant’s maps, including the fact that it takes a long time to implement support for community-created maps. Revealed some new details about.

Ziegler said in a video that while the team appreciates the “incredible value” that community-created maps bring to the game, it will take years to build a map-making tool and a platform to host the map. Stated. Knowing this, Riot decided to focus on official content for the time being: designing new agents and maps.

Ziegler also believes that Valorant needs “a few more” maps before the team is happy with the variety of maps in the game, especially when it comes to competitive rotation. He previously stated that Riot will have a new map in the game at the beginning of every episode. It occurs approximately every six months and consists of three “acts” that are essentially a highly competitive season. The new map allows Icebox to “make a difference” by not following this release schedule.

It’s not clear when Valorant will get the next new map. Icebox was released in patch 1.10 with the launch of Act 3. Update 1.11 introduces a new agent, Skye, to the game and introduces some changes to Breach that weren’t initially covered by the game’s patch notes.

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