Valve confirms remaining steam sales date in 2021

Steam sales tend to leak in the weeks and months before they start, but this time Valve simply published them. Sure, the date is on Steamworks and is intended to be a guide to publishers and developers, but you can also access it.

The documentation confirms the dates of the Steam Autumn Sale and the Steam Winter Sale, both of which are fairly clear. In fact, we also accurately predicted Steam’s fall sale date. However, we have confirmed that they occur in the following:

Steam Autumn Sale -November 24-30, 2021
Steam winter sale -December 22, 2021-January 5, 2022

Of course, these are just the dates of Valve’s major outages. Individual publisher sales are likely to occur between them, and the previously confirmed Steam Halloween sale will begin on October 28th. Regular mid-week crazy discounts will continue to occur. So there is never a good time to pay the normal asking price of a game.

The Epic Games Store also hosts Halloween sales. Which video game store front misses this opportunity?

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