Valve developers apologize for banning Dota 2 players in gameplay controversy • .net

We were all there-a match where something went wrong, or a match where you were dissatisfied with your teammates. But I don’t think it had the power to ban anyone because of gameplay discrepancies. One of Valve’s employees apparently couldn’t stop doing so because Firewatch co-creator Sean Vanaman apologized for distributing the unjustified manual. Ban.

The situation was low priority, basically a 20-minute matchmaking ban, as Dota 2 player minijuanjohndoe posted on Reddit to suggest tactics that Valve employees didn’t like (via Dot Esports). It started when I claimed to have been sent. “So employees can send you a lower priority to instruct the team to let go of the Mid Tower, and does he think it’s a bad idea?” Asked minijuanjohndoe. It was. minijuanjohndoe provided an image of their behavior score to prove their innocence and later gave them the name of the player who penalized them-Vanaman.

“The team investigated the case and concluded that users were clearly not worthy of a ban,” Banaman said in a post. “Even if the user deserves a ban, I think it’s clear that manually banning a user isn’t a good idea because of how difficult it is to be objective in the Dota games you’re participating in. My mistake in this case is Sterling. For example, as an employee, you shouldn’t give any special privileges when playing Dota. “

Vanaman added that as a result of the incident, Valve employees were no longer authorized to manually issue bans. “This was an informal policy of the team in the past, but in this case it clearly failed,” Banaman said. “It will not remain unofficial. Such manual bans will no longer be allowed at all. We sincerely apologize to user u / minijuanjohndoe.”

Generally, if a Dota 2 player wants to report someone else, he should use an automated reporting system. This allows malicious people to be banned from communicating, or to queue low priority if multiple bad reports are accumulated. Vanaman’s manual ban was an abuse of his position as an employee of Valve, but at least he is responsible for his actions-and measures have been taken to ensure that this does not happen again in the future. It was. As they say, “MO-BAd”.


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