Valve employees apologize for banning Dota 2 players

Many of us participate in online matches for games where we don’t see our teammates. If they are particularly annoying, you may want to report them and the system just serve them desserts. The scale of justice isn’t very balanced, but when others are putting their fingers on the ban button, it’s what this Dota 2 player has found a difficult way.

Dota 2 player “Minijuan johndoe” posted on Reddit yesterday claiming that he had quarreled with his teammates over the tactics of the match after dying many times chasing what they believed was the cause of their loss. “He told me he was tired of fighting me and knew who he was talking to. I’m an employee of Steam,” explains Minijuan johndoe.

After the match, Minijuanjohndoe says he was thrown into Dota 2’s low-priority matchmaking status. This is a temporary penalty for a player who has shown bad behavior, such as abandoning multiple matches or being reported by another player about in-game behavior. “Accounts with low priority penalties are limited to single draft game modes for the specified number of games,” Valve’s guidance said. “Winning a specified number of games is the only way to get rid of the low priority penalties.” Low priority players will also not receive item drops, achievement progress, or seasonal rewards. ..

Minijuanjohndoe said he disagreed on the strategy, but “did not say anything bad that would be considered a report.”

Sean Vanaman, an employee of Valve in question, responded to confirm the story and apologize.

“The team investigated this case and concluded that the user was clearly not banned. However, even if the user deserves a ban, manually banning the user is a Dota game in which you are participating. Obviously it’s not a good idea given how difficult it is to be objective in. My mistake in this case is an example of Sterling .. Special privileges when playing Dota as an employee Don’t have.

This was an informal policy of the team in the past, but in this case it clearly failed. It will not remain unofficial in the future. Such manual bans are no longer fully permitted. And we sincerely apologize to user u / minijuanjohndoe. “

Vanaman was one of the co-founders of Campo Santo and the creative director of Firewatch. After acquiring Campo Santo in 2018, he is now an employee of Valve.

We contacted Valve to see how widespread the use of manual bans in Dota 2 is and whether this feature has actually been revoked by employees. If there is a reply, I will update it.

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Valve employee apologizes for banning a Dota 2 teammate after an in-game disagreement

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