Valve reviews the entire Steam library for Steam deck compatibility

valve I gave an overview of how to categorize all the games available in vapor Compatibility with libraries and libraries coming soon Steam Deck With a new video.

According to the latest video embedded below, Valve has announced that there are four categories that each game fits into. This shows the stability on the handheld machine.

Games fall into one of the following categories:

  • Confirmed: Full system support – Comes with full controller support, no compatibility warnings, and supports native resolution of Steam decks.
  • renewable resource: Works fine, but may require custom adjustments. For each valve, for example, “The user must manually select the community controller configuration and use the touch screen to navigate the launcher.”
  • Not supported: The game will not run. VR-only titles are displayed below this header.
  • do not know: Valve has not yet rated the game.

Verified games are easily identified via the Steam Deck UI and run properly within four company-determined criteria. These are input, seamless, display, and system support.Confirmed games are on Steam Deck’s home interface[GreatonDeck]Grouped into tabs.

If you want to know more about why the game isn’t confirmed but just playable, you can visit the Steam store page to see more details about the situation. In some games, the exact controller UI elements may be missing, or some elements of gameplay may be required to use a virtual keyboard.

However, the company seems confident when it comes to the number of games that actually work. Valve hasn’t seen a game that Steam Deck can’t handle yet. Recently, it has been shown that The Witcher 3 is running fine. Valve noted that this was one big task and promised to re-review the game to keep the ever-growing library up-to-date, even after testing it once.

This is a continuation of last week’s Valve video, where the company showed how to disassemble Steam Deck and asked them not to do the same because it “could ruin things badly.”

The Steam deck will begin shipping in December this year and will be available in three configurations starting at $ 400.

If you want to check out our extensive Steam library and learn more about Steam’s huge tasks, you can visit RPS to read more about how to find out which games are running on Valve’s Steam deck.

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