Valve upgrades news hub from experimentation to full-fledged Steam functionality

Another SteamLabs experiment graduated from the program and moved to a regular Steam client.

This latest addition is Steam News Hub. This is a dedicated space within Steam where you can find news, updates and events for games that users interact with on your digital gaming platform.

It first debuted in March as Experiment 009 with the goal of providing a personalized feed of news from both game makers and Steam News Curators (such as Gamasutra).

As a full feature of Steam, blog posts are not only aimed at providing personalized news as soon as the tool is out of the box, but also what information Steam users provide and where that information comes from. Explains that you can customize.

The feed includes news shared by developers about game updates and patch notes, game milestones, in-game events, posts from top Steam games, and official Steam announcements (including Steamworks news for developers). Includes news curated by NewsCurator.

The official announcement of News Hub follows closely with the announcement of the all-new SteamLabs experiment. The new tweak, called Experiment 010: Browsing Steam, has made a major change to how Discovery works on Steam. Check out this post for the exact method from one of its creators.

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