Valve’s new Steam Link update provides better keyboard and mouse support, controller support for rumble, Razer Kishi, and more – TouchArcade

The valve is surprisingly good at updating Steam link (Free) iOS has new features as well as fixes to improve apps on the latest iOS devices. Throughout the xCloud drama with Apple’s vague rules and denials, I’m glad Steam link I finally arrived at iOS.Low latency support has been added since Valve was added to keyboard and mouse support some time ago. Steam link For iOS 14 with the latest update. The highlight of this update for me is the turmoil on iOS 14 for the Xbox One and PS4 controllers. This update also supports guide buttons on iOS 14 and Razer Kishi controllers. With this update, you can also stream to an external display. The entire, Steam link Thanks to these features, it has improved significantly over the weekend. We look forward to what’s coming next and when Valve will introduce support for PS5 controllers.

With low latency keyboard and mouse support and improved controller support Steam link The load is higher than at startup. With both Sony and Microsoft updating their own apps to stream locally from the console and introducing new features, it’s not a good time to stream games from your PC or console to your iOS device. did. I’m also curious about how streaming works locally when the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S systems are released this month. You can download the app from here on iOS and here on Android.If you miss our first hands-on Steam link,Have a look at this. Do you have a Steam controller or are you using a PS4 or Xbox One controller on iOS?

Valve’s New ‘Steam Link’ Update Brings in Better Keyboard and Mouse Support, Rumble on Controllers, Razer Kishi Support, and More

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