Vampire: Masquerade Battle Royale Game released in 2021

Vampire: A battle royale game set in the world of The Masquerade has been released and will be released in the second half of 2021. The UK and Sweden-based developer Sharkmob’s debut, now unnamed title, has been unveiled at Teaser. A trailer showing the denominations of vampire fighting on the “streets and rooftops of Prague”.

The video description goes into more detail about the features of the game. Players can choose their playstyle and queue it alone or together, spending time “fighting rivals and hostile entities eager to eradicate all vampires”. It’s not clear if the entity will be a player-controlled character or a PvENPC that interferes with battle royale gameplay.When you “hunt, fight, and survive the night,” supernatural powers, weapons, and blood are listed as the main tools in your arsenal. It’s not yet clear on which platform Sharkmob plans to release the game, but their website states that it is “developed for PCs and next-generation consoles.”

Sharkmob has two studios in London and Malmö, these studios working on projects, but their website states that two more projects are underway. “These are very ambitious AAA quality projects with Unreal Engine. One is developing Malmö as a lead studio and the other is developing in London. An action-packed online social experience It’s a well-known fact that I love it. I say these games contain such elements.Elsewhere in Vampires: Bloodlines 2, the world of masquerade games, recently lost another senior developer after cutting down on narrative leads and creative directors in August of this year.

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