Vaults of Tartaros Solutions-Immortals Fenyx Rising Wiki Guide

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This section of Immortal: Phoenix Sizing Walkthroughs can help you navigate through all of Tartarus’s vaults, including puzzle solutions, hidden chest locations and content, and telling you what to face in the arena vault.

Vault difficulty appears in the map description after you enter it, but it’s also listed at the beginning of this guide page. Each Tartarus vault is guaranteed to offer one of Zeus’s Lightning at the end, with a few exceptions. This can be used to upgrade Phoenix stamina in the temple.

Every Vault contains at least one chest. Chests can be found in vertical rays that indicate their position. Use this to figure out where to look for them. Difficult vaults have extra chests near the edge of Zeus’s lightning bolt, but long vaults such as Aphrodite, Ares, and Hesfests hide up to five chests.

The rewards from these chests are generally armor, but you can also receive weapons, Karon coins, Golden Amber, and even Zeus Lightning! If you find all the chests in the Vault and Zeus Lightning, they will be sealed and you will not be able to enter again.


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