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VectorBuilder and Landau have signed a strategic partnership to establish the world’s first primate gene therapy R & D center

Vector Builder Inc., a world leader in vector design, optimization and GMP manufacturing, and Landau Biotechnology Co., a world leader in the development of non-human primate (NHP) models for clinical research applications, are the first in the world. Signed a strategic partnership to establish primates. Gene Therapy Research and Development Center. The center will build an advanced vector screening and optimization platform to provide unique CRO services to the rapidly growing gene and cell therapy industry. VectorBuilder brings world-leading gene delivery technology to ventures, Landau provides NHP model building expertise using: Cynomolgus monkey (Crab-eating monkey) Rhesus monkey (Rhesus) species.More specifically, the center is directed molecular evolution In vivo NHP screening provides next-generation gene delivery vectors suitable for human clinical application. In particular, the Center aims to reduce toxicity and immunogenicity, as well as focus on improving tissue targeting and expression pattern specificity of the vector.

“Non-human primates share a high degree of similarity to humans in terms of anatomy, genomic function, immunity and physiology. Therefore, they are ideal animals for screening and optimizing gene therapy vectors. It’s a model, “says Dr. Bruslan, Chief Scientist at Vector Builder. “We believe that working closely with Landau will enable us to build a prestigious CRO that can provide these coveted services to the genetic and cell therapy community.”

Lei Fan, President of Landau, said: The launch of this center is a major milestone in gene therapy, and we hope that it will enable us to work with other major biopharmacy companies around the world to develop next-generation gene therapy drugs. increase. “

About VectorBuilder Inc.

VectorBuilder is a fast-growing biotechnology company specializing in advanced genetic engineering solutions for research and medicine. In particular, VectorBuilder is a range of products and services related to gene delivery, including vector design and optimization, vector cloning, virus packaging, library construction and screening, stable cell line generation, and clinical GMP production. Has established itself as a global leader in the market. -Grade plasmids, mRNAs, proteins, viruses. One of the highlights of VectorBuilder’s innovative solution is an innovative online platform for designing and ordering custom vectors. This award-winning platform has become extremely popular with researchers around the world and has grown to industry standards due to its rich features, extensive experimental validation, and easy-to-use graphical interface. Leveraging the popularity of this platform, VectorBuilder has built a comprehensive portfolio of products that cover virtually all gene delivery needs, from bench to bedside.

Landau Biotechnology Co.about

Landau is one of the earliest organizations in China to breed NHP on a large scale for biomedical research. It is also a world leader in the development of NHP models for a variety of human diseases and clinical applications. For the past 40 years, Landau has provided a wide range of NHP model-based services to numerous research institutions and biopharmaceuticals, including pharmacodynamic research, drug metabolism research, early drug screening, surgery, ethics, radiology, and ophthalmic experiments. I have done it. Companies around the world.

VectorBuilder and Landau have signed a strategic partnership to establish the world’s first primate gene therapy R & D center VectorBuilder and Landau have signed a strategic partnership to establish the world’s first primate gene therapy R & D center

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