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Joining Ed Carpenter Racing as a rookie, the 2019 Indy Lights runner-up won his first podium last year and won the Rookie of the Year title.

VeeKay passed the qualifying in the front row of the 105th run of the Indy 500, ahead of the team boss, after winning his first victory at this year’s Indianapolis Grand Prix on the IMS Road Course.

Carpenter, the three-time 500-pole winner, paid tribute to VeeKay’s performance this season and his actions off the track.

“Rinus is definitely constantly improving,” says Carpenter. [improve]..

“I don’t think I’ve seen his best yet. He’s still developing. But he’s still in a really good position and a formidable competitor.”

When asked what VeeKay still needed, Carpenter replied: We talk a lot about young players in this series, but there are still a lot of veterans fighting at a high level.

“I think experience is important in a 500 mile race, changing conditions, changing scenarios, developing the race, etc. Rinus’s race craft will get better and better as he experiences more. “

Regarding VeeKay’s ultimate potential, Carpenter added:

Carpenter, who achieved the best performance in the 500 in 2018, was the runner-up after Will Power, but the fact that the team proved that the Chevrolet engine was not lacking in torque and horsepower at the turbo boost level of 1.5 bar. I also mentioned. Used in qualifying.

“Chevrolet is constantly working hard to achieve maximum power, efficiency and reliability on the truck, and is doing a lot of off-track development work on the aero side as well.

“So I never doubt that they are getting the best they have to offer, so I’m excited about this year’s package and what I need to fight for victory I think they are all there. “

Rinus VeeKay, Ed Carpenter Racing Chevrolet

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Carpenter is the only team owner to use a Chevrolet engine with Roger Penske since the beginning of the current engine era in 2012, and whether he felt the Ilmor unit had a wider output range than last year. I was asked. I didn’t have to shift down during qualifying.

He replied: To me, it’s just a little better overall, but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. But it’s very close.

“The amount we’re improving this car, whether it’s the chassis or the engine, has minimal benefits at this point in the development cycle, and it’s hard to feel a big difference from year to year.

“”[The lack of downshifts] The condition, the wind, etc. were more related than anything else. That was the approach we took. I’ve seen some Hondas doing multiple downshifts in one lap, but I can’t say anything because I don’t have the data and I don’t understand how the engine works. Other Chevrolets were also shifting. “

After qualifying for Fast Nine, VeeKay described the Ed Carpenter Racing setup as follows: “It looks good on a Chevrolet power band”However, Carpenter was careful not to reveal any technical secrets.

“Yes, I read the quote, but I never heard him say it, and I never actually talked about it,” Carpenter added.

“I think Chevrolet did a really great job and brought a great package here, and I think the team did a really great job to get the most out of what we have. ..

“After all, to be able to run fast here, no matter what power you have, you need to balance and minimize scrubbing in the corners.

“If there’s a reason we can’t shift as much as others, I think it’s just as important as the fact that our car wasn’t slowing down more than anything else.

“But, as I said, the wind was weak and crosswind. If it was a north-south wind, it would definitely be off.”

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VeeKay is an IndyCar driver for the “Championship Caliber” VeeKay is an IndyCar driver for the “Championship Caliber”

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