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The UFC schedule is mainly UFC With the UFC 267 loaded, you can remind yourself of the better times of the UFC.

UFC venue delivered in the Big Bang

Remember, as MMA or UFC fans, we had to worry only when Joe Rogan was just as simple as a hype at a small UFC Fight Night event? What if there were few interim championship battles? Heavy weight that was one-dimensional? Maybe it’s not the last one.

What if we introduced ourselves to betting and all of us were learning the complexity? How to bet on MMA Of course, has sports gambling legally spread nationwide?

How did the UFC actually go to places, not just Fight Island, Apex, Houston, and Las Vegas? The UFC is planning to go to New York City’s Gardens in November, but what about some other cities? So many venues aren’t being used the way they were supposed to be, and the UFC is missing out on a lot of revenue from its fans.

The NFL and college football have no problem filling the stadium with 50,000 to 100,000 fans over the weekend, so the UFC is wondering which venue to use in 2022.

Let’s come up with an idea.

Bell Center, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

That building Georges St-Pierre Famous for MMA fans, he had to regain his title Return Matt Serra At UFC 83. The crowd was still noisy, with a strong atmosphere as Dana White and the UFC returned three more times to defend the title with Saint-Pierre. Josh Koscheck, Nick diaz, When Carlos Condit..

Every time the crowd tunes the whole event, the UFC lacks a strong Canadian star at the moment, a great opportunity to have an event headlined by some more established stars, but then a young talent. Bring a Canadian fighter to get some brilliance.The undercard of Saint-Pierre had the following name: TJ Grant, Mark Hominick, When Jordan Mein In the Canadian MMA scene, everyone was considered a solid outlook or a good name.

Forum, Los Angeles, California

UFC has participated in the forum twice, both fairly recently, for UFC 199 and UFC 232. 199 was a historic host. Michael bisping Title wins Luke Rockhold For UFC 232, it’s Jon Jones When Alexander Gustafsson After a positive test, Jones fought in advance.

The Forum is the historic home of boxing matches, and of course the host of the Showtime Lakers team led by Magic Johnson, an old venue, but also a historic venue for sports history as well as American history.

Can you imagine a little Nick Also Nate diaz Will the fight be like that place? React with the roar they would get there? Book them double and enjoy their free money, Dana White.

TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts

UFC 118 was booked at The Garden to celebrate the legalization of MMA in Massachusetts. This was a memorable event.It hosted a rematch of Frankie Edgar When BJ pen But more notably, there was a notorious one-sided match. Randy Couture When James Toney.. The event may be memorable for its uniqueness, but it was a follow-up event that was equally explosive for New England people and fighting fans.

Sponsored garden Conor McGregor When Max Holaway In 2013, McGregor won and unfortunately broke ACL, resulting in his spectacular Dublin event coming back.He also played the host role in McGregor’s final battle before becoming a champion. Dennis Siver Then there was the first match Steepemioch When Francis Ngannou Miocchi won and established a solid position as one of the heavyweight goats.

These are just three places, but from a historical point of view, there are many other places you need to stop by. These locations should be at the top of the UFC’s wishlist as a way to get them back to normal.

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Venue where UFC needs to return – MMA Sucka Venue where UFC needs to return – MMA Sucka

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