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Fenerbahcebeco Istanbul bounces off when Olympiacos Piraeus visits Turkey’s big city on Wednesday after losing three games in a row, including a humiliating 99-62 thrashing against Zargiri Kaunas in the previous round However, it is no exaggeration to say that he was absolutely desperate. .. Achieving that goal for the dangerous Olympiacos team required a great deal of effort from the key players of Fenerbahce. So it was fortunate that Jan Veselny (still the EuroLeague MVP) was able to return to action after missing the last three games due to an injury.

And Bethery didn’t disappoint anyone. To get started, he was the co-top scorer of the game with 17 points after making all eight 2-point attempts. Many were dunks that shattered rims in his old fashioned way. However, Vessely put four rebounds, five assists, one steal, and one block shot on the stats sheet to give the performance index a rating of 29, so there’s more to performance than scoring. did.

Some of those contributions have also come at an important time. After Olympiacos recovered from a double-digit deficit to 75-74 with two minutes remaining, Bessey gave Dishon Pierre back-to-back assistance. Dishon Pierre regained Fenerbahce’s comfortable lead by scoring 5 points from the pass. It disappears. And the besley wasn’t over yet. Blocking a three-point attempt from Vassilis Spanoulis, grabbing a loose ball and rushing out Meri Mahmutguru to ensure victory.

With three assists in the last few minutes, Bethery has encapsulated the key key to the team’s victory. The ability to move the ball and create open shots, which provided the best 25 assists of the season. Ironically, the visitor was headed by a backcoat general who played that role exactly for Fenerbahce, Costas Slowkas in the last five years, but this is most of the game without a pure point guard. It was even more impressive that it was achieved despite playing.

Nando de Colo led the home team’s distribution list with five assists, alongside Bethery, at the expense of the usual scoring role to score points for most of the game. Edgrass Uranobas (4), Marco Gudric (3), Dishon Pierre (3) and Danilo Bartel (2) also have multiple assists, and Fenerbahce’s long-awaited victory in the game is truly collective. It shows that it was a great effort.

No one embodied that the spirit beyond Besley and Igor Kokoškov praised the all-round influence of the Star Center shortly after the match. “Yan is a very versatile player. His talent is to be able to play in multiple positions. In anticipation of Yang, he is one of our leaders and franchise players. He has it every night. Should come and will. “

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Versatile Bessey and Mass Distribution Fire Fenerbahce-News Versatile Bessey and Mass Distribution Fire Fenerbahce-News

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