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Brazilian drivers who won the titles in 1981, 1983 and 1987 said, “If two drivers are not on the same team, it is very difficult to make a direct comparison,” but the Dutch driver is at the top. Believe to stand-side-by-side challenge.

Pique also questioned the capabilities of Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas, saying:But he has an inferior driver beside his side and the previous driver [Nico Rosberg] It got worse. “

His son, former Formula E champion Nelson Piquet Jr., also supported Verstappen, saying, “Bring a knife between his teeth.”

The pair spoke after Verstappen slightly missed a win at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday when he was forced to return to Hamilton after passing Hamilton off course.

Pique told “First of all, it’s very difficult to make a direct comparison of two drivers who don’t belong to the same team, because F1 must be considered a different car category. But Max is driving for Mercedes. I’m sure he would break Hamilton if he did.

“Max is more aggressive. He may make frequent mistakes because of this aggression, but in my opinion he is better than Hamilton. Hamilton is all with Bottas as a second driver Things are too easy to win.

“It’s a bit like Williams’ Munsell and I, but the other drivers are far behind. I won the 1987 Championship, but there was an accident earlier this year and there was a problem with depth of field. So I wasn’t driving as I used to. But I was a little lucky and won the championship. I should have won in 1986, but in 1987.

“But it was very easy. The car was much better than the others. And Mercedes has been much better than the others in the last few years.

“It’s not that Hamilton is bad, but he has an inferior driver beside his side and the previous driver. [Rosberg] It got worse.he [Rosberg] I won because it was the year Hamilton had a crash and DNF. “

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Pique Jr., who had a short spell in F1 driving towards Renault with Fernando Alonso in 2008-09, added: Lewis has been in F1 for 15 seasons and I think he’s starting to lose that desire little by little. Meanwhile, Max brings a knife between his teeth.

“Lewis has already won seven championships, so it comes with another kind of” fire. ” And it can make a difference.

“I like to compare Max with MMA fighters and I’m ready to face any challenge, unlike Lewis, who has already won championships and the like.

“Lewis’ experience is useful in several areas, but Max’s motivation and aggression is greater.”

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Verstappen “crushes” Hamilton in Mercedes F1 Verstappen “crushes” Hamilton in Mercedes F1

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