Very very Barrett is a cooperative game about parking madness

Very Very Valet is a new cooperative game about parking cars in a funny way. Developed by Los Angeles-based studio Toyful Games, the game debuted on Tuesday when it aired on Nintendo’s Indie World.

“One to four players work together to manage the” elite “team of puppet clerk and overcome all clerk-related challenges,” said the official Toyful Games website. “Saving the world from a serious parking crisis requires teamwork and a specific“ park anywhere ”idea. It’s not enough to be just a clerk. Be very very clerk. “

Very very Barrett includes over 20 levels of city streets, cliffs, bowling alleys, airports, train yards and more. Toyful Games also provides “accessible driving controls” for easy pick-up and play.

Very very Barrett looks like another entry into the increasingly popular genre of madness-inducing cooperative games. Its crazy assumptions are unique, but can lead to gameplay similar to Overcooked, Moving Out, and other games that are as fun as stress.

Toyful Games is a two-person studio made up of former Disney and NBCUniversal developers. Launched in early 2021, Very Very Valet is the first studio project.

Nintendo’s indie world broadcast included several new announcements. Both us and Grindstone were launched on Switch today, while Spelunky and Spelunky 2 were introduced in 2021.

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