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On lap 45 of the race, Ocon overtook Vettel, competing for 12th place on Turn 1. While Vettel was slotting in behind the French, he seemed to misjudgment his braking and hit Ocon behind him.

Both drivers managed to continue, but lost a few positions and neither approached the point. Steward gave Vettel a 10-second penalty and two penalty points-in addition to the three penalty points he received for ignoring the yellow flag in qualifying-but Vettel first held Ocon accountable, saying, ” Why did he move? ” On the team radio.

After watching the footage, Vettel came to take responsibility and explained why he first blamed Ocon.

“I thought he would stay to the right, but when he returned to the left, he was right in front of me and I locked, so it was probably my mistake,” Vettel admitted. “Obviously, I’m a little disappointed with such a bad weekend because I know how much preparation will be done before the start of the season and the first race.

“On the other hand, I can only go up from here. As I said, I learned a lot, so it’s a tough task from now on, but that’s the current situation, and I need to work on it step by step.”

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Ocon said Vettel came to apologize after the race, and he has no resentment about the incident.

“Unfortunately, the last incident with Vettel lost us some positions, but that’s how sometimes the race is when you fight very close,” Ocon commented. “I just revisited the accident, and he didn’t tell me [about the radio comment].. He came and apologized, and it’s all okay because he was penalized for it. “

Aston Martin got off to a modest start in Bahrain, and Vettel’s teammate Lance Stroll seems to be well behind midfield rivals McLaren, Ferrari and even AlphaTauri.

Vettel explained that Aston Martin suffered from many issues that needed to be fixed, and said his team was “less than half” where it should be.

“Probably not the best weekend or weekend we were looking for, but we need to cover a lot of what we learned in the race. We’ll see how quickly we can fix it.”

Additional report by Adam Cooper

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Vettel accepts responsibility for Ocon Bahrain F1 collision Vettel accepts responsibility for Ocon Bahrain F1 collision

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