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Vettel got off to an ominous start as an Aston Martin driver in Bahrain last weekend. The Germans ranked 15th after being punished in a late race clash with Esteban Ocon’s Alpine.

It was after he started the race from behind the field, the Q1 exit was exacerbated by a grid penalty of five places for the yellow flag breach.

A show has been added that was disappointing for the ongoing poor form of the four-time World Champion, who spent the last two seasons behind his teammate Charles Leclerc at Ferrari.

According to 10-time Grand Prix winner Berger, Vettel’s problem is pressure, and the Germans are at their best when he’s playing the role of a clear team leader and not pushed to the other side of the garage. ..

“Since Sebastian is a four-time world champion, he is definitely one of the outstanding drivers,” Berger said. In the fast lane Podcast.

“But he never responded well under pressure. When Daniel [Ricciardo] I came to Red Bull [he] Very strong, he put pressure on Sebastian. It was difficult for Sebastian to deal with it. The same was true for Ferrari.

“Looking at him, he feels not free. He is not relaxed enough. He is not good enough in the car or his own shape at the moment. I’m trying to prove the impossible. Good enough.

“When you’re in this situation, you have to sit down and take a step back and say,’Well, take it easy. Success will come again.’

“He also says it’s the end of his career. When you’ve raced so many times, when you’re already a four-time world champion, there are times when you may not be in the situation you want. Come. Fight like you fight before you win the race, take all the risks.

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“In a sense, it doesn’t work for him. He begins to make mistakes and people begin to question him. It’s only putting more pressure on him in stages, and as I said at the beginning, he isn’t. No, like pressure. “

Vettel faces the unique dynamics of his teammates at Aston Martin, given that Lance Stroll’s father, Lawrence Stroll, is the co-owner of the team.

But Berger doesn’t think it’s a problem if Vettel outnumbers the walk. Teams may turn their attention to faster drivers, regardless of family ties.

“It depends on his performance,” Berger added.

“If you’re slower than your teammates and your teammates are also the owners of your team, things can change even more. But isn’t it the same everywhere? If you’re slower than your teammates, your team will naturally focus. For the faster one.

“After all, it’s more psychological. When you’re on the team and your teammates are faster, it’s just an unpleasant situation.

“But that’s what you have to deal with. If you’re a sportsman at this level, you have to deal with strong teammates.”

“And I have to say that Lance isn’t doing a bad job at all. He’s performing. The only thing at the moment I think he’s suffering from the back of the car. The car isn’t that bad. I can’t see it well.

“I don’t think it’s a driver problem they have at the moment. The car isn’t working that way. [Aston Martin] I was hoping”

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Vettel struggling to handle F1 pressure Vettel struggling to handle F1 pressure

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