VG247 Alternative Game Awards 2021

This year is also the time, and the industry is out of breath to find the most prestigious and high-budget award winners of the year.That’s right-it’s VG247 Alternate Game Awards again.

This year was a really great year for real video games, even if it was a pretty tough year elsewhere. All that. Basically, it was a strange year.

But we accept strange things. This is the 2021 Game Awards. When you’re done, why not check out the lucky winners of 2020?

The biggest W-striker, quitter, and everyone fighting to make the industry better

As mentioned in the intro, this year we released some pretty great video games, but there were also some pretty scary revelations about the state of the industry. I’ve heard stories of employee abuse, unjustified dismissals, and, despite overwhelming evidence, I’ve seen people in a circle of power protecting their managers.

This is all pretty sad. But there are also bright spots in all of this. Those who are using all the power to stand up and try to force change. They asked for the resignation of the person in charge, went on strike, and quit their jobs in solidarity with colleagues. It takes tremendous courage to do this.

These people are making a difference little by little. They also mark themselves as the true future of the industry, the people who lead us to a better and fairer future. They are the brightest place of the year-even if they don’t need action.

I can’t wait for this game to be released-Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 looks pretty good. It’s great to see DICE focusing on the features of the series and spending all its resources creating a balanced, exaggerated, large-scale multiplayer experience. Indeed, the beta released on November 19th is very rough. It’s more like an alpha than a beta. There are a lot of bugs and some people jokingly call it “Battlefield 20-42fps”. But you can see that there are really great games out there. Eliminating such issues is exactly the purpose of the beta release.

You can’t wait for the finished game to be released. This is arguably one of the most anticipated upcoming games. We hope that all issues will be fixed before DICE is released to the public.

Best Unintentional Vision Test-Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

With the release of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, who should go to the optician and see those ridiculous tests with all the numbers projected on the screen? These versions of the first six Final Fantasy games ultimately understand that people want to play these amazing titles in classic pixel graphics-but at best ugly and squinting, terribly condensed. Trade off by featuring a Latin letter front-in the worst case it’s hard to read.

So, to be honest, why do you do this? Who made this decision? Thankfully, the internet used mods to fix fonts fairly quickly. What should these games be slam dunk to release the definitive bunch of the best games ever made, during the mysterious decision to cut content from fonts and a particular version of the game? I avoided it for some reason. But it’s still pretty good.

Reversal of Best Reputation-BioWare & Mass Effect

It’s no exaggeration to say that BioWare was in a pinch after Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda. This probably doesn’t apply to the Dragon Age team, but even they seem to have had their own hardships due to the turnover of some important staff. For some time, I wondered if BioWare was on the road to all the other people who were victims of the strong track record of acquiring and expiring excellent studios in Westwood, Pandemic, and EA. ..

However, BioWare had three of the most beloved game ace ever released. And we got the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This is a fairly rudimentary re-release, but BioWare seemed to be exempt from all the sins of the past. I even reconsidered and even reassessed Andromeda. However, this type of jailbreak card rarely works more than once. Therefore, BioWare needs to make sure that both Dragon Age 4 and the following Mass Effect are completely slapped. Cross your fingers and nail …

Gunshot Wound Award Band-Aid-Balan Wonderworld Day 1 Patch

“Day 1 patch … improve the overall playing experience.”

That is, if so, who knows what the developer shipped on disk. However, this patch successfully removes sequences that can pose a serious risk to patients with epilepsy. It’s a victory. The game itself …? Not so many.

Most Use of Journalist Names by Interviewers in Interviews-FIFA 22 & Eurogamer’s Wes

In reality, Wes, what I really want to do is patronize you and humanize yourself. If possible at the same time. I’m probably not a monolithic corporate spokesperson facing questions about predatory business practices-we’re just friends and chatting in pubs. We are giving rights to the world just by talking about the store. I enjoy interacting with Wes, I really do. I like back and forth. Another really important thing is that I took the time to learn your name, Wes.

Loot box? I’ve never heard of it, Wes. gambling? Oh, never, never. It’s all so much fun. Some people, even children, may waste. But we all make mistakes, Wes.

One more thing, Wes: I will never give another prize next year. So enjoy this. It’s only once.

The Stupidest Tendency-All This NFT Bullshit

This NFT’s was easy enough to ignore when it was a bunch of closed fur running around with a monkey avatar, but now unavoidable things have happened-people have potential money Many game publishers are now beginning to investigate Phenomoenon, or even worse, and have begun to call it the “future of this industry.”

Maybe there is a role for this technology that does not involve increasing the speed at which we boil the planet at our feet. Maybe. But let’s not see this gold rush for anything else: unrestrained greed, and most of the time very stupid.

“Wow, that’s great” in the 5 Minutes Award-Flight Simulator

If you’re really into Flight Simulator (the Xbox version released this year), that’s great. It’s definitely a great game for those who are crazy about airplanes. Congratulations to Asobo Studio for all the commendable achievements.

But how many people download a huge game, tinker with it for five minutes, and never play it again? “Oh, that’s my house.” “Wow, the clouds are amazing.” “What if I jump into that mountain …” “I can’t believe the console game looks so good!” Few games released this year have a high bounce rate like Flight Simulator on Xbox.

Who knew that airplanes were so complicated?

Edward Snowden Award for Leak-Nvidia GeForce Now

Usually the biggest leaker candidate this year is Dickhead’s YouTuber, who is looking for influence by revealing that the game is in production months early, but this year there is a new chief freak car in town. Nvidia is a powerhouse of graphic hardware.

For some reason, Nvidia left the GeForce Now database relatively open, and some web developers found a way to access information about the 18,000 games in the database. It was a very catastrophic leak that Nvidia had to come out before, and a statement was made that the list included “both released titles and speculative titles.” ..

But then something started to happen. A remake of ActRaiser described in the leak has been announced and released. The following also describes remakes of PC ports for Destroy All Humans 2, GTA Remastered Trilogy, and God of War. So it looks more and more realistic.

It’s a monumental leak. Sony has introduced many PlayStation games that appear on PC, such as Demon’s Soul and Gran Turismo 7. From Square Enix, Final Fantasy 9 remake, Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Tactics remaster. Take Two has XCOM 3 and the new BioShock. As for Sega, Total War 9 and SMT 5 will appear on PC. Capcom? How about Dragon’s Dogma 2, Monster Hunter 6, Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4 Remake? The rest continues steadily. WikiLeaks level list. The question is, does anyone responsible for this have to hide in Russia and seek asylum?

Damn, why weren’t you as big as Pokemon GO-The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a good idea on paper. The purpose of your quest is a real walk and send you to the right adventure like Jerry. Living near the dense primeval forests of Poland is fun. It’s not very good when the strigoi you’re tracking is in the parking lot of an apartment block across the road.

In our firm commitment to provide coverage of the best video games in the universe, our lives can be at mortal danger, like real journalists.

Not only did he have to roam awkwardly near the crowded seating area of ​​the fish and chips store during the lunchtime rush, with a hot, rocky tail carved with gargoyle kings, but the park was stretching. It’s pasty and shirtless, and it rains and shines. Wait to trap unhappy passers-by in an unpleasant conversation, like a pink shelob.

Never say that we are not devoted to our technology.

Best Performance-David Cage

Quantic Dream, a story-driven game developer, fights a costly battle in French courts as part of a defamation proceeding against two French publications that have made abominable claims about the atmosphere and culture of the studio. I’ve been spending time in France.

The various testimonies made in this case are real gold mines, including a tense verbal war between Quantic Dream representatives and former employees, attacks on the French media, and general high dramas. .. According to a report from the French outlet Solidaires Informatique, studio leader David Cage shouted, stepped on and shouted for his honor at the stand before jumping out of court. If true, these reports suggest that Cage may be ready to take on the role of actor director in the studio’s next project. Hopefully he has hone his lightsaber skills.

Guillaume de Fondaumière, CEO of Quantic Dream, can’t get through this without a word. According to the same report from Solidaires Infomatique, when looking for direction in his testimony, Fondaumière turned to the judge and asked, “I haven’t sworn, so can I lie?” It has been. This is pretty surprising to ask in the middle of the courtroom.

Quantic Dream continued to win the proceedings against one media, but lost its claim against another. It’s not a complete win, but studio executives are the winners here today.

Jeff Bezos Award for Unrestricted Capitalism-New World Gold Exploiters

In a fantastic land full of opportunities and adventures, everyone believes that they will always be the sturdy individuals who come to the top. But in reality, it’s a goover that is scammed by magical gems, tricorn hats, and blitches faster than Rockstar can sell the PC version of GTA Trilogy.

Now, thank the New World Gold exploiters for reminding us of the inevitable facts. It is possible to manipulate an internet connection to trick Amazon Games’ servers into believing that a canceled transaction has taken place, replicating the money involved and virtually ruining everyone else’s gaming economy. I found out that there is sex.

Are you using vulnerable loopholes to save huge amounts of cash for yourself? Hmm, why is it a familiar sound?

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