VG247 is looking for a deputy editor

VG247 is a very exciting time. We have just redesigned our website and are looking for a new Deputy Editor-in-Chief to join the team.

This is an important senior editor’s role, so it’s clear how they think the site can continue its mission as a place to read and discuss the biggest news and releases in the world of video games. I’m looking for someone who has a great vision. ..

As it’s 2021, we’re looking for people who know the details of SEO (as far as we can really know), but who can always keep track of the biggest games and work with us to deliver their own content. A team of writers and freelancers.

Video and podcasting are also a big part of our future, so expect to be part of them. We may be on the panel stage at one of the Reed Pop events in the coming years. In all of this, the team’s willingness (or even enthusiasm) to share the required domestic and international travel is also a bonus.

If you’ve been in or around the game media for a while and know yours, this may be for you. Not all applicants are expected to have management experience, but they need to prove that they have an idea and are capable of leading a team.

Excited? Would you like to apply for the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of VG247? Then click here to submit the application. The resume is great, but I’m more interested in what you bring to that role, so don’t forget to include that as well.

We are enthusiastic about joining Team VG247 and are looking for a staff writer / guide writer hybrid superstar focused on the game as a service title, even if it doesn’t meet the adjutant’s bill. Learn more about. However, we will move on to the interview soon, so be quick.

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