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By Tom Olly, Wednesday, December 16, 2020 15:09 GMT

Hello. Please help us build the site as we move to 2021.

Yes, I know there was one of these earlier this year, but as 2021 is becoming a big year for the VG247, I wanted to recapture your thoughts and feelings on different topics. ..

If you like reading about video games like this, take the survey.

To be honest, this survey is anonymous and confidential. Ask about potential new features such as website experience, site content, and membership.

Here is the survey. Unless you drink coffee and eat biscuits within 20 minutes, it shouldn’t take longer than drinking coffee and eating a few large biscuits.

As always, we collect this information to better understand our readers. If you would like to deliver the content you want, please take the time to let us know what you think.

thank you for reading!

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The VG247 reader survey

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