Viable treatment options for painful hips

Sunday, May 15, 2022 (HealthDay News)

College basketball player Joey Riedel has been debilitated for years Hip pain It limited his playing ability.

As a freshman at the University of Detroit Mercy, he was constantly uncomfortable. Eventually, an athlete in Erie, Michigan underwent hip surgery and rested for a while to be comfortable on the court again.

6ft 1 guard had Arthroscopy -A type of minimally invasive surgery-Relieves so-called hip joints last fall Hip impingement.. This condition is characterized by abnormal wear between the ball-and-socket joint of the hip and the socket.

“He’s doing great things,” said Dr. T. Sean Lynch, an orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon at Henry Ford Health System.

“He returned from a young athlete who couldn’t play his sport by utilizing our one-stop surgery and performance program to accelerate and speed up recovery, from diagnosis to treatment. I think it’s a great example, “Lynch said in a health system news release.

Riedel has no regrets. “Everything with Dr. Lynch went smoother than I thought it was possible,” the athlete said in the release.

For those who have Hip pain, Arthroscopy May offer more drastic options Hip arthroplasty Surgery, Lynch pointed out.

Using this technique, surgeons can diagnose and treat hip problems without making a large incision. According to Lynch, it has been used for the past 20-25 years and an estimated 75,000-100,000 procedures are performed each year in the United States.

“Most of the hip problems we see are pain Along the front of the hip joint. ” Lynch, who specializes in treating hip and knee problems in athletes and non-athletes, said.

“this pain It is the result of sports and daily activities. However, as more people work remotely from home, pain It could be the result of sitting for a long time and moving from sitting to standing, “he added.

In the hips Arthroscopy, Make some small incisions in the skin. You can then insert a pencil-sized camera or a tool with a scope to inspect the hip joint.

Before hip endoscopy became available, the only surgical option was Hip arthroplasty Surgery is the main procedure.Most patients lived together painLimited movement and restricted activity until undergoing hip replacement, Lynch pointed out.

Benefits of hip arthroscopic examination include faster recovery, less pain at the incision site and less tissue damage. Because of the outpatient surgery, patients can return home on the day of surgery, Lynch said.

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For hip arthroscopic examination, National Library of Medicine..

Source: Henry Ford Health System, News Release, May 9, 2022

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