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He will never exist. There are certain wrestlers who can capture your imagination and rarely let it go. They excel in almost everything they do and offer memorable performances one after another. You don’t see this very often, but when you see them, you know what you have. One such wrestler may not be as frequent in the future.

Since his debut at WWE, it’s been clear that Daniel Bryan has a special presence in him. It took him a while to get there, but he didn’t stop him all the way to the top of the company at WrestleMania 30 after he hit his stride. Brian has something to him that you can’t duplicate, and WWE has made good use of it, but they may not be able to go any longer.

That’s a good reason. Check out what Brian had to say about his future:

Brian was recently interviewed by BT Sport and said he would switch from a full-time wrestler to a part-time status. Brian is considering moving to a part-time role to spend more time with his children as the deal is coming soon. Nothing is said about when Brian’s deal will come into effect or whether this will affect his position on the SmackDown creative team.

opinion: I don’t think I can blame Brian for spending more time with his wife and kids because it’s more important than what Brian is trying to do in the ring. What’s more, Brian didn’t say he ended up in the ring, so having him part-time is certainly better than nothing. But after all, he focuses on his priorities, which is nothing wrong.

What is Brian’s best moment? Who do you want to see him face? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Video: Daniel Bryan says he’s away from WWE full time Video: Daniel Bryan says he’s away from WWE full time

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