Video footage of the Tomb Raider survival horror game has been officially released

Unprecedented Tomb Raider (Photo: Square Enix)

As part of the series’ 25th anniversary, Square Enix was able to get a glimpse of the survival horror game that was originally planned to restart Tomb Raider.

Game companies always show someone how to create a game until they know the game is already a hit, as many people see the early footage and assume it won’t change before the release. I’m on the alert.

At the end of the game, behind-the-scenes footage tends to increase a bit, but it’s still very rare to see anything in early prototypes, such as the survival horror game that was originally planned to restart Tomb Raider in 2013. It’s unusual.

There were rumors about this at the time, but the video below includes 7 minutes of concept art, early footage, animation tests, and even a soundtrack. All of this provides interesting insights into how the game is created, whether or not you are interested in Tomb Raider.

As you can see, the weird-looking monster didn’t reach the final game, but many other elements of the prototype did, from the setting of the open-world islands to the emphasis on the use of bows and arrows. Image of the 2005 horror movie “The Descent”.

The obvious question this raises is whether the more fantastic approach shown in this early footage was superior to the more grounded approach in which the reboot was finally made.

The reboot was well received at the time, but there were many complaints about the huge number of human characters that Lara would kill. It wouldn’t have been a problem if they were all monsters.

Square Enix’s main concern at the time could be the simple fact that, with the exception of Resident Evil, survival horror doesn’t tend to sell very well, and a reboot closer to the original Tomb Raider tone is a better bet. There was sex.

Another complaint about the reboot was judging from a prototype that didn’t have a real grave raid or a complex platform of any kind, but wasn’t part of the plan.

Development is still in its infancy, The new Tomb Raider game is currently underway, but there are few clues as to what it will look like. The only thing developer Crystal Dynamics has said is to try to unify the classic and restart timelines. This probably suggests that gameplay will also be a combination of the two.

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Tomb Raider survival horror game video footage officially released

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