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Johnny Gargano seems to be staying at WWE NXT. In the post-war game edition of NXT 2.0 tonight, Gargano came to the ring to deal with the crowd in rumors of his departure. The announcer was teasing Gargano to announce his plans for the future, which many times implied that he might leave the company. Candice LeRae and her dog were taken to NXT for a short behind-the-scenes segment where Gargano kissed before going to the ring.

The announcer didn’t know before that Gargano was given as much time as he needed in the promo, so Gargano joked about this when he entered the ring. Gargano received the chanting “Don’t go!” From the crowd, and always worried if his match or promotion was good enough, he talked about how his one regret at NXT didn’t enjoy everything over the last six years. He continued on how he gave him an NXT job after being told that William Regal and the fans cheering for his name would not join NXT after the first tryout. He also talked about not being able to fully thank the fans who helped him live his dreams, and how the ring is the only place in his life that convinces himself. Gargano also said he spent a lot of time at NXT because he loves and believes in the place. The crowd praised Gargano, “We love you!” And more “Johnny Gargano!” He chanted when NXT was a family member and talked about Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Steve Corino, Matt Bloom, Sara Amato, Jeremy Bolash, and many others who would drop their names. increase.

Gargano continues to promote and NXT is his family and knows that it will never change and is afraid of change, but sometimes it is necessary. The fans chanted “No!” At this point, Gargano left the fans with one message he wanted. You never fail, you bet on yourself. Gargano finally talked about his future, saying that things are still in the air, although it is not yet known what his immediate future will be. He added, “I might do something here and there,” but he certainly knows one thing. In February of this year, when he and Le Rae welcome the boy, his first child, he begins his most important job in his life. At that time, Grayson Waller appeared and attacked from behind, laying out Gargano in a steel chair.

Waller quickly received a great deal of heat from the crowd as he stood on the former NXT Championship and talked about garbage. Fans chanted “I don’t like it.” Waller sent Gargano to the floor, wrapped the chair around his neck, and spiked Gargano and the chair onto the stairs of a steel ring. After that, Waller cleared the announcement table and crashed Gargano with a power bomb. Waller talked to the camera about the trash and then to Gargano’s face. After that, the WWE Performance Center spectators chanted “shit.” A smiling Waller stood on Gargano when NXT stopped broadcasting.

Nothing has been said yet about whether Gargano has re-signed with WWE or if his contract status is still in the air. As already mentioned, Gargano’s original contract expired last Friday, December 3, but signed a one-week extension to use WarGames last Sunday. The contract expires this Friday, December 10. I know WWE has offered Gargano a strong deal and will keep him in the company for a few years, but I’m still not sure if he signed it. LeRae’s WWE is reported to expire in May 2022, but the company is expected to add a contract for at least a period of time to cover the hiatus since it announced its pregnancy in August. This could allow her to sign a contract in 2023. There is no update as to whether Le Rae is about to sign a new contract.

Waller also has a feud with LA Knight, who participated in Team Black & Gold at War Games last Sunday. The big event on Sunday shows that Gargano was the first to compete within the War Games structure. In the match, Team 2.0 (Waller, Bronbreaker, NXT North American Championship Carmelo Hayes, Tony Dangero) defeated Team Black & Gold (Gargano, Knight, NXT Championship Tommaso Ciampa, Pete Dan).

Waller tweeted after the show, ridiculing Gargano and writing “Grayson Wrestling.”

Stay tuned for more information on Gargano’s WWE status and the feud with Waller. Below are related shots of tonight’s NXT 2.0 episode. This includes Instagram photos of Vic Joseph checking his best friend after the attack, and Waller yelling at Joseph.

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Video: Grayson Waller attacks Johnny Gargano in WWE NXT Video: Grayson Waller attacks Johnny Gargano in WWE NXT

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