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WWE NXT superstar Casey Catanzaro visited Twitter this week and published a video response after being enthusiastic by fans for not wearing the COVID-19 mask. Catanzaro has been criticized on social media for the past week after visiting a restaurant over the weekend and seeing her and her friends in a video without a COVID-19 mask. This criticism came after others, including Katanzaro and his boyfriend Ricochet, were knocked by social media fans at her recent birthday celebration and New Year’s Eve party.

In the video below, Katanzaro addressed her concerns, explained in the video why she wasn’t wearing a mask, and talked about how to wear a mask when she was supposed to. She also said she would have a COVID-19 test at least once a week.

“What happened to Twitter? I just wanted to get on here and talk a bit with everyone,” she said. “I know people are worried that I was in a restaurant on the weekend. I want everyone to know that I’m listening to you and thank you for your worries. Here I live in Florida, the restaurant is open to a certain capacity. I wear a mask when I go in and out. I need to have a mask whenever I’m not sitting at the table But you can take a mask with you when you sit down to eat and drink. Off, and I know that’s the part where people saw people upset. We apologize for any inconvenience. We apologize for any inconvenience. I take care of the safety of those around me and myself and follow all protocols. Fortunately, I do my job. For me, I take the test at least once a week, and in some cases not twice, with a hand disinfectant. [inaudible] Everywhere, and everywhere we have to do, I wear a mask. I’m sorry to make you think about something else at this moment, but I want you to hear what you say. The best I can do, and I wish the best for everyone else. “

Katanzaro kissed the viewer and ended the video.

Katanzaro has appeared on NXT TV with her partner Kayden Carter for the past two weeks. That is, she does not test positive for the coronavirus.

The original video was from Katanzaro’s own Instagram account, but has since been deleted. Here’s her new video response, along with footage of the original clip taken by the fan.

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Video: Kacy Catanzaro responds to mask controversy Video: Kacy Catanzaro responds to mask controversy

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