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Nate Diaz created an enemy of Calese Archer, a man who saw him flinch in anticipation of a punch from Stockton when he left the battle between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley last Saturday.

The short moment between Diaz and Archer was captured by the camera, shared on social media, gained millions of views, and elicited reaction from several fighters. After all, Archer is a fighter, Bellator Featherweight Champion AJ McKee, And he is not grateful that he has been exposed to all the ridicule he has received since the video became viral.

Here’s an 8-second video courtesy of Drake Riggs on Twitter:

Archer uploaded the answer to the case on Instagram and blamed Diaz and UFC President Dana White for sharing the video.

“Hello world. I saw all the laughter. Everyone laughs, haha. The same makes you laugh and cry,” Archer said. “Nate Diaz is a genuine bitch. He had a policeman with him and a guard guarding him, and you flinch at me, I’m paying attention Do you try to punch me to suck when you’re not? And do you guys think this guy is a gangster? When they think about what a real gangster is, the world is confused and confused around here. I think I’m a real wild dog. I’m on the street. I believe it. Anyone who knows me knows how a “one-pan man” sways, and we Do nothing while the police are there.

“Dana White, I saw you posted,” Archer continued. “And you laughed, and you found it interesting. You wouldn’t find it strange to sign me in one fight. Knock out Nate Diaz in the first round. Guaranteed, no cap. I’m not playing games. ”

White is unlikely to sign a one-fight contract with Archer for Diaz. “One Punch Man” boasts a professional record of 2-6, and all but one of his losses is brought about by the stoppage of the first round. Archer has also been defeated by the feared knockout artist Chaos Williams, who is currently competing under the UFC flag.

No reason is given for Diaz to forge a punch towards Archer, but it should be noted that there was a skirmish between Team Diaz and Team McKee at the beginning of the week. Nothing happened except a few thrusters and water bottles were thrown, and both teams were separated.

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Video: Nate Diaz’s Flinch Video guy responds and says Diaz is a “honest bitch” Video: Nate Diaz’s Flinch Video guy responds and says Diaz is a “honest bitch”

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