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Nikki Bella and Artem Chigventsev will get married this year’s Thanksgiving weekend. Nikki announced the date of the wedding at the end of last night’s Total Velas Season 6 Finale. The following E! Watch a summary video of the episode and a clip of the segment.

Nikki and Artem welcomed their first child, a boy named Matteo, together this summer.

Prior to the wedding announcement, last night’s season finale covered Nikki’s postpartum depression and how it couldn’t be dealt with while Artem was working on the Dancing with the Stars. The show covered how Bree Bella informed Artem that her sister was “drown” in depression, but Nikki was furious with Bree and Artem was trapped in the dark. It backfired because it was hurt.

“I don’t want her to feel this way. It’s painful to notice that I’m literally torn in two different directions,” Artem said in a show confession. (From H / T E!).. “Is it worth it to me to do more damage to my family than to work? If I knew what the situation would be, I would never say yes.”

Artem offered to quit DWTS, but Nikki said he didn’t want it. Artem traveled to Napa to talk about a sit-in with his fiancé, and that was when she opened.

“I find it difficult for men to really understand postpartum,” Nikki said. “Our body undergoes so many changes both inside and outside, and the battle we face mentally imagines it as a new mom … to be honest, I’m just super-invisible. I started to feel it, especially when I had to look at myself naked in the mirror, obviously like my body. It’s difficult.

“And I have to watch you on TV or watch something on social media, and you look very happy.” Oh, everything I can do feels like that to that person. It’s kind of like a little f-ks in your head, like “I might not make Artem happy because I couldn’t let it.” Maybe this is not the right relationship. Maybe he’s going to be with someone else. Then I became very lonely. I just fell and fell in a very dark place. “

Artem apologized for not understanding Nikki’s feelings and repeatedly looked very happy thanks to Matteo and Nikki. The conversation continued and ended with a very reassuring Nikki. She then revealed the date of her wedding later this year on Thanksgiving weekend.

For related notes, Digital spy Report that Nikki has recently appeared “Off the Vine” A podcast revealed that she and Artem are currently being treated. Nikki said that when Artem was stressed, he “did not notice his tone.” They decided to go into couple therapy to help the relationship.

“When he’s really stressed, he doesn’t notice his tone. We’re actually doing this treatment,” Nikki explained. “I remember even during dress rehearsals, I sometimes wondered,’Is he angry with me?’ That made me really sick, and that would be just his tone.”

Stay tuned for more details on The Bella Twins. You can see a summary of last night’s finale and the following clip:

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Video: Nicky Bella Announces Wedding Date Video: Nicky Bella Announces Wedding Date

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