Video showing extreme Halo Infinite Aim Assist may be due to a bug

As cross-play became more prevalent in the industry and console gamers were able to play with PC gamers, several new issues arose. One of the hottest discussions is about console player aim assist. Some people think this is a necessary feature to put console gamers in the same position as their PC opponents. Others have criticized Aim Assist for actually giving the controller player an unfair advantage compared to the player who set up the mouse and keyboard. The latest game to stir the pot with the controller’s Aim Assist Debate is Halo Infinite, which is in the middle of the latest technical preview test.

Twitch Streamer Sheney’s viral clip seems to show some pretty extreme aim assist at Halo Infinite. The streamer has been away from the game for a while, but the on-screen cursor keeps moving, aiming at enemies in the distance and appearing to follow their movements. This could certainly be due to Halo Infinite’s extreme aim assist, but the popular Halo YouTuber chimed in another explanation.

Mint Blitz responded to the clip, explaining that the extreme aiming assist was due to both the controller stick drift and KBM being active at the same time, with zero dead zones. This probably creates a “high aiming assist value” because both are active, but only if the Halo Infinite player is stationary. Obviously, once the player starts moving, the extreme aiming assist disappears. Mint Blitz added that it will be summarized in a bug that 343 plans to fix prior to the December game launch.

Discovering such issues is part of the reason why technical previews or beta tests are run first. You shouldn’t participate in these Halo Infinite multiplayer previews in the hope of a perfect experience. Because it doesn’t really matter. If Mint Blitz’s information is correct, those who are worried that Halo Infinite has extreme aiming assistance may be relieved, but the game has some aiming assistance.

There is some controversy about Halo Infinite’s aim assist, but otherwise the game seems to be well received by fans. The response to Halo Infinite multiplayer has been largely positive so far, and it’s interesting to see if that momentum is available. Halo Infinite lacks fan favorite features at release, such as campaign co-op and Forge mode, but if the multiplayer experience is powerful enough, fans can miss the missing content.

Halo Infinite will be a live service game that offers seasonal content, so it should be rich in content over time. Just as the 343 considers feedback in these multiplayer preview tests, it responds to fan feedback on the Halo Infinite experience and can continue to tweak it after its release.

Halo Infinite will be available on December 8th for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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