Video: This newly discovered Sephiroth Glitch completely defeats all final smash attacks

Sephiroth using a shadow flare attack on Zenigame (Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Life)

It seems that a new glitch has been discovered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate And it’s linked to the latest DLC fighter Sephiroth.

Under the right conditions, a one-winged angel FINAL FANTASY VII It can break other characters’ final smashes (and for that matter, animations of all movements)-usually significantly reducing the damage of catastrophic attacks and changing visual effects from time to time.

To activate this unique glitch, Sephiroth must defeat one of Pokemon Trainer’s Pokemon in his shadow flare attack. After this, the opponent’s final smash attack does almost nothing about damage.

Below is a courtesy look at Nintendo Unity’s YouTube video.

“Let’s see that the new glitch can lead Sephiroth to completely destroy all the final smashes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

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