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Former UFC fighter Nik Lentz posted a graphic video on social media showing that he had removed his stitches from above his eyes.

Lenz recently announced his retirement from mixed martial arts after losing a split decision to Mofsalevloev on Fight Island... Lenz further damaged his previously injured eyes during the battle and urged him to wear gloves. Of course, there were still stitch issues left, and Lenz handled it himself. The video is not intended for everyone and is at the discretion of the viewer. In the video, you can see Lenz removing multiple stitches from the top of his right eye.Check out Lenz removes his stitch “Carnival Style” via him twitter..

When Lenz announced his retirement last week, he did so due to many eye injuries he suffered in the last two battles with Efroev and Arnold Allen.

“They say they don’t make a rush decision after a loss, but this is neither rush nor quick about that. The injury I saw last year was at the end of my career. Total vision I lost about 40% of it, but I wanted to see what another fierce battle would look like with a new eye, “Lentz said at the time. “Last night it was clear that it was no longer possible for me to compete at this level. I couldn’t fix it to a moving target and 40% of my eyesight was virtually gone … at least chaotic. This is where my life as a fighter in the best organization on the planet ends. “

Lenz (30-12-2, North Carolina 1) made his UFC debut in 2009, competing 25 times across the organization, becoming 14-9-1 overall in the Octagon, North Carolina 1.

Do you think Nik Lentz is completely over, or do you see him fighting again?

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Video | Watch former UFC fighter Nik Lentz unstitch himself Video | Watch former UFC fighter Nik Lentz unstitch himself

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