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Minnesota Vikings has been 63-46-1 (.577) since 2014 when ownership and management hired Mike Zimmer to lead the team. This is the eighth best record in the NFL during the period. Seven teams have won more games than the Vikings. Fewer games have won 24 franchises (including the Los Angeles Rams, Dallas Cowboys, and Indianapolis Colts). In surface analysis, there is a temptation to speculate that the eighth best is appropriate. After all, Minnesota was seventh-worst The NFL (24-39-1, .383) team begins a decade starting with the last hurray of Brett Favre in purple and gold. Indeed, the Vikings hired Mike Zimmer to jump from the bottom 10 franchises to the top 10 franchises.

For many, it’s just not enough.

Minnesota is one of the few teams without the Super Bowl trophy, and performance below the gold standard for Lombardi hardware is interpreted as wasteful and pointless. When the Vikings sprinted the NFC Championship just by being beaten by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017, the emotion wasn’t “Wow, the Vikings did this with a career backup quarterback and a reserve running back.” .. “The Vikings haven’t been cut for the Super Bowl to beat this coach. This wasn’t satisfying to me.”

Due to its inadequate spirit, Zimmer is a frequent lightning rod for dismissal stories. His contract was extended earlier this year, which is inconsistent with the consent of many of the team’s fan base. Zimmer led the 2020 Viking team to a 6-8 record, despite losing Daniel Hunter, Anthony Barr, Michael Pierce, Mike Hughes, and more recently Eric Kendricks. In some circles, this wins Zimmer’s praise. This is a brave effort despite the catastrophic injury. Instead, there is a perception that the current Zimmer product is milk toast and needs to be overhauled.

The chances of his immediate escape are small. This is mainly because the man regularly teaches the Vikings to win. This is over 75% of the other teams in the league. But unless the team makes a full-fledged NFC Championship push, his actual expiration date in Minnesota is probably the end of 2022.

Zimmer’s 9-year experiment

If your team fails to push the solemn Super Bowl, set 2022 as the end date for Zimmer. Extensions after 2022 will probably require a super-competitive NFC championship that shows where the opposition was definitely better (if the Vikings lost). The 38-7 Redax of the 2017 NFC Championship will not be smiled by Vikings Ville.

By contract, Vikings Brass is committed to Zimmer until the end of 2023, so the logic is consistent. Zimmer restarted last July for another three years. Therefore, his deal technically extends this virtual window by one season. Still, if cultural changes are needed, the NFL team has no worries about expelling coaches before the contract expires.

By the ninth year (nearly ten years), Viking ownership, admins, fans, and players will have enough sample size to evaluate Zimmer. I think it’s Dennis Green.

Zimmer’s tenure can be advanced in several ways with the Vikings. He can enter the next level-like Bill Cowher of the Steelers and Andy Reid of the Chiefs. The alternative is an old Marvin Lewis-like atmosphere. Lewis was a personality that kept Bengals in good shape every year, but it was never enough to sniff February football. Does the Vikings really want it? Probably not.

It’s up to Zimmer to return to the NFC Championship or beyond and bring the team together in a component that marks every step after the season.

Verdict on cousin becomes clear

My cousin also applies to the two-year equation. His contract in Minnesota will end after the 2022 season. As the moment rolled, my cousin spent five full seasons in the Vikings-a proper test. Ideally, Zimmer adjusts one of the patented defenses to complement the 2021 or 2022 cousin-Cook-Siren-Jefferson attack. This is the only way the Vikings can carry out legal playoffs. And that can happen. The team needs to be cautious about upcoming off-season moves, nail the 2021 NFL draft as well as the 2020 NFL draft, and pray for good health.

Viking quarterbacks are more controversial than Zimmer. Some purple proponents truly believe that their cousins ​​have the tools to guide the team to the Promised Land. Others describe their cousin as a glorious game manager. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

One thing is certain: if the next two seasons are in the 7-9 or 8-8 range, your cousin will not be the team’s signaler in 2023. The general manager establishes a tendency to draft promising young people, whoever at that time. Even though the philosophy involves reminiscent of a generational Michael Jordan-type player somewhere in the fog, the journey will succumb to “drafting our Mahomes.”

For better or for worse, the Vikings will try it. You should expect a choice closer to Deshaun Watson than Christian Ponder or Johnny Manjiel. This is a daunting task. Emphasizing and drafting young quarterbacks does not guarantee prosperity.


To playmaker.

Adam Thielen will be 31 next season. He realistically has a couple of seasons left in upper production (if he avoids injuries). Siren experienced a significant surge in touchdowns this season, but the rise of Justin Jefferson reduced the receiving yard. This is a reasonable trade-off. However, Siren cannot trust more than 1,000 yards after 2022 unless he goes against the historical trajectory or joins the Pass Happy team. Zimmer Viking is not.

Next season, Dalvin Cook will be 26 years old. A very coherent hypothesis can be stated that this season, 2020, is his absolute prime number. He was a fringe MVP candidate for several weeks. Cook is very dynamic and could probably bleed this stardom likes in 2021 and 2022, but that’s a big question. This year has all the qualities of his Magnum Opus. Running backs do not thrive after the age of 27. Even if it prospers, it does not tend to rise. The best tailbacks ever are good in the late twenties and early thirties, which is why they are labeled as the “best ever” type. Perhaps Cook is that — time is the arbitrator.

At Justin Jefferson, the wide receiver room will be his own by 2022. If history applies to him, Siren shrinks. The best day of Cook is in the rearview mirror. If your team isn’t running seriously in the Super Bowl, you’re in the area of ​​”Don’t waste Justin Jefferson.” Not surprisingly, management revolves around Jefferson. And that involves a major shift – perhaps a switch to a path-first philosophy.

Of course, if these Zimmer Vikings rebound from the hardships of 2020 with deep playoff pus, all of this “window” talk is controversial.2021 or 2022 h. If not, the clock is already ticking.

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Viking core has 2 years left Viking core has 2 years left

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