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The first round of the NFL draft is in the book. Boy, oh boy, it was a roller coaster of emotions for Viking fans. After a trading night, the Vikings may be preparing for the night 2 surprise.

The Vikings started their first round in a tradeback with the Detroit Lions. Viking fans and analysts are in the process of analyzing who won the deal. There are five trade charts, three of which are won by the Vikings.

We can sit here and discuss this deal until the face turns blue. The Vikings thought this was a good deal.It’s hard to argue because we’re done Safety missile..

But now is the time for us to move forward and prepare for Night 2. The Viking has three picks – picks 34, 66, 77.

There are many excellent players on the board. This includes a few players who have achieved or are expected to advance to the first round. The names the Vikings give to the board are:

  • Andrew Booth Junior
  • Kyler Gordon
  • Roger McClary
  • Boye Mafe
  • Arnold Evequeti
  • Nakobe Dean
  • Malik Willis

After creating this list, it became clear that the Vikings won the deal.Certainly they may have slammed home Kyle Hamilton Select 12 in total. But then they would have been stuck waiting for pick 46 tonight.

Now they have excellent safety with Luis Cine and are second tonight. However, it is difficult to know in which direction the Vikings will go.

Draft Day 2 Forecast

Looking at the board, it looks like a great opportunity for the Vikings to trade down. According to the betting market, Logan Hall is the first off-board lock tonight. But it’s amazing that I like to go to 34 overall. Malik Willis I like being drafted at 34.

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Malik Willis

Is the Viking going to draft a quarterback?

I don’t rule it out, but I don’t think it’s likely either. They just extended Kirk Cousins ​​to an extension. This indicates that the Vikings are likely to fall. Who are the quarterback needy teams who may be considering a trade-up?

There are several options. The New York Giants chose 36 and chose not to choose Daniel Jones’ fifth round option. Next is the Seattle Seahawks, which has picks 40 and 41.

Both of these can be good options. Neither pushes the Vikings right next to you to draft potential starting quality players. However, tradedowns may not be the best option.

There are only three quality cornerbacks left on the board. Andrew Booth Jr., Roger McClary, Kyler Gordon. The Vikings need to leave a draft for one of these people.

I don’t know what will happen tonight. But one thing seems inevitable. We are faced with some surprises.

Mitch Masman is a lifelong Viking fan. His first broken heart was the 1998 NFC Championship Game. His full-time job is an expert in economic development in the countryside of Minnesota. One day he dreams of the Vikings winning the Super Bowl, but until then he writes about the Vikings. Follow him on Twitter @ skol_vikings3

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Viking preparing for a surprise at night 2 Viking preparing for a surprise at night 2

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