Viking Season 6 Episode 20 Review: Last Action

Viewers have invested far more in the exploitation of Ragnar’s sons, but the situation in the Kattegat Strait has been investigated and admired. Now that Harald, Ival, and Eric have died, she is in power for Queen Ingrid. If the cry of “the Queen lives longer” is a true indicator of people’s feelings towards a new leader, we can only guess what the changes will be. First in the Kattegat Strait. There is no doubt that Gunhild has succeeded in leading the village into the future, but the problem left for us is not only that the witch Ingrid deserves to wear a crown, but also to carry out a mission suitable for the people. Whether you have the means. Does she rule through fear and love? Did her experience and the experience of a liberated slave partner give them insight and compassion to dominate for the benefit of the people? I don’t think we know.

You don’t have to go to history books to find out what the battle in Wessex will be, but in this chapter Viking Saga is about the growth of King Alfred as much as about boneless Eval and his brother Vitoselk. When Ivar demands a parade with Alfred and admits that “we are still fighting like a father,” there are moments when we think this can have unexpected consequences. Interestingly, Alfred doesn’t seem to know how to respond to Elsewith before answering Ivar. She revealed her feelings about her husband’s obvious weaknesses, and his refusal, along with his name, whether or not her steel-like gaze highlights his spirit. Ultimately it reminds us that he is the man who has the label “great”.

Most of the episodes are dedicated to the battle with Alfred’s Royal Saxon Army, and again nothing new, but Hurst once again wisely uses slow motion and quick flashbacks to call back to the pivot. Provides a solid sequence of actions to provide Moments of the character’s life. But it’s a suspicious moment that stands out, as both Alfred and Ival question whether their God is really with them in this life-death encounter. Ival remembers the pain of Hvitserk’s escape to Ubba, but at the last moment his brother jumped the ship to stay in Kattegat. He fears that all his fathers have abandoned him here, but he still hopes that God’s intervention will change the course of the battle.

The Rothbrook brothers enjoy a sparse relationship, but both feel dead in the immediate vicinity, so when Ival tells Vitselk to leave the fight and save himself, we are touched. You will be given a replacement. This simple gesture is probably the catalyst that drives Vitoselk to his new path, but it also seems to give Ival the power to make his last stand. It is difficult to forget the same anger just before the death of Prince Oleg’s nephew, who shouts, “I will live forever.” And, although it doesn’t really need any explanation, it’s nice to have Hvitserk say, “One day everyone will know Ivar the Boneless.”

By participating in this battle, I am convinced that King Harald has no plans to return to the Kattegat Strait. Ival’s death is not a complete surprise, but the story’s execution is. We look at his feet and give way several times during the battle, but a little puzzling is his last stand as he lets young Saxon soldiers kill him with free reins. “Don’t be afraid,” Ivar tells the man, but the complexity of this short scene also includes Alfred, who witnesses the event from just a few yards away. Despite considering the Vikings as barbarians, Alfred sees a gentle scene in which Hvitserk holds his dying brother in his arms. “Please leave it here with your brother for a moment,” he tells the king, who is now kneeling. He is so impressed with what he sees that he quickly crosses himself. When the camera zooms out to an aerial shot overlooking the three men and Alfred’s burning cross, we have to think of it as the Christian gods and the Nordic gods looking down at these brave soldiers. Hmm.

Viking Season 6 Episode 20 Review: Last Action

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