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— Eric Kendricks was playing at the all-professional level again this year. A Minnesota linebacker injured his calf muscles and set him aside throughout December.

The irreplaceable player injury was one of the many setbacks for the Viking season, where there were more downs than ups, but this turbulent 2020 Kendrix’s most important job has already left the field in earnest. It was.

Kendrix has been selected as a candidate for the Walter Paytonman of the Year Awards team, which recognizes the outstanding community services of NFL players each year. The relevance of his efforts is more relevant than during the off-season, when the killing of George Floyd’s police caused global racial unrest, just miles from the stadium that Kendricks usually directs in the middle of Minnesota’s defense. It wasn’t obvious.

“He was the leader from the moment he stepped into the building, how to carry himself, how to treat himself on and off the field, and how to play this game with intense, unique and hard work in every game. “But lately I think he’s felt that he can help make a difference, and he’s doing that,” said Adam Thielen, Viking’s wide receiver.

For all the awareness and support that Kendricks has raised for his favorable objectives: criminal justice reform and the prevention of juvenile hunger, there is no asset more valuable than a personal connection.

Like a letter frequently exchanged with children in Hennepin County Boys’ Institute. Conversations with previously imprisoned individuals who participated in a one-year fellowship at All Square, a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis, rooted in mental health, wealth creation, and entrepreneurial development.

“He actually has a completely different level of passion and empathy. It really connects with us and we love his existence. He is human and it proves that we are also human. “We will,” said Terrein Gil, an all-square graduate who runs a craft grilled cheese restaurant to hire program members and aims to set up a law firm to support legal research next fall. It was. Among other goals, he was imprisoned.

This year, Kendricks donated a $ 250,000 grant to All Square from Vikings and its player-led Social Justice Commission.

“When someone takes it out of life and gives it to you, time is important, and I’m grateful that time can never go back,” said Randall Smith, an All-Square companion.

Emily Hunt Turner, the founder of All Square, saw her organization and Kendrix immediately chord each other.

“He’s good at not only taking pictures on a helicopter and bouncing back, but also building real relationships,” Hunt Turner said.

Kendrix grew up in Fresno, California, where his father fought drug addiction and some of his friends violated the law. It was then that the seeds were sown because of the passion for fighting recidivism, which convicted criminals tend to re-offend.

Another of his partner charities is Every Meal, which aims to end food insecurity in Minnesota children. The correspondence received from the juvenile detention center only emphasized his need. Kendricks estimated that 70% of pen friends told him they didn’t have enough food to eat on a regular basis.

“They make irrational choices when their backs hit a wall. They are already hungry. They are not overseeing the house and tend to get into trouble and become a bit more aggressive. There is a tendency. “

“Yes, some people make mistakes in life, but those mistakes define them for the rest of their lives. These people only give them the right chances you’ve never seen before. So you can be a productive member of society. “

After Floyd’s death, the weight of the world hit Kendricks hard. A black man in handcuffs was killed when a white policeman pushed his knees around Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes, despite Floyd’s plea for breathlessness.

Shortly thereafter, Kendricks and several Viking teammates met with the Minneapolis Police Chief to discuss justice, race, and reform. He was also one of the NFL players who demanded more league action on this issue from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“What stood out to me was his willingness to do it, put himself there, and become a kind of voice for our team, not just ourselves,” said linebacker Eric Wilson. Said.

Even if it wasn’t exactly the second property.

“I always wanted to give back, and I always felt myself really trying to get involved, but I didn’t feel I needed to put it out there so much.” Kendricks said. With these events happening, I realized that my platform was bigger and actually more influential than the others. So you may need to talk a little more. “


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Vikings LB Kendrix did an important job inside and outside the field :: Vikings LB Kendrix did an important job inside and outside the field ::

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