Villain stories, ranked from coolest to coolest

Villain My hero academia Especially when it comes to their backstory and subsequent storylines throughout the manga and anime TV shows, it’s not much different from the hardships and achievements of the heroes in the series.

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many MHA Characters come from a harsh background and need to understand where in society their place is and what their beliefs are, which can lead to some adorable stories and experiences. As the story continues to unfold, villains from both the manga and television series are candidates for having the coolest and most interesting backstory.

Updated October 6, 2021 by Tanner Fox: The fifth season of My Hero Academia anime has brought a shocking twist and amazing development, and many fans are re-evaluating their favorite villains. From the forgotten D Lister to the immense threat to world peace, like a hero, the villains of My Hero Academia are constantly growing and evolving.

It’s time to reconcile the perceptions of both big and small MHA villains throughout Season 5 Ark, dedicated to the backstory of fan-popular criminals.

14 Gentle detective

Gentle detective close-up

Undoubtedly, the most lame villain with the most lame story arc in the series is Tobita Danjuro, known as Gentle Liminal. Everything he does is stunt and has the only motive to become famous on the internet. That said, his relationship with La Brava is somewhat touching, as he chose to lie to the investigators to make her innocent.

Still, Gentle is very selfish in his actions and uses malicious intent to draw attention. This seems to be a fairly weak motive.Moreover, he is not honest about that fact He can be a hero instead of a villain My hero academia universe Until it’s too late.

13 Makoto Nemoto

Shin Nemoto in both anime and manga

Equipped with only a pistol and his loyalty, Shin Nemoto is not the most impressive and important villain, even if he looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, he’s basically just chasing Kai Chisaki like a puppy, and when the push rushes in, he fuses with Kai and eventually dies.

Makoto Nemoto, one of the eight bullets in the fourth season’s “Hasaikai Shie Ark,” is a very cynical man who seems to have taken the pessimistic world of overhaul from the bottom of his heart.His personality, if nothing else, helps show how attractive the overhaul rhetoric is to the underground world of criminal organizations. My hero academia..

12 Pheasant to the heavens

Heiji Tengai and Rappa Kendo

Tengai originated as a devout Buddhist, but as the latest member of the first Shie, he occupies a position as one of the eight bullets in the group. Unfortunately, he started out in this criminal group as another Eight Bullets member, Kendo Rappa, also known as The Rapper’s glorious babysitter.

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Heiji Tengai’s cool attitude matches that of the overhaul, making it an interesting juxtaposition between himself and his partner. However, his potential is undoubtedly wasted, as he is primarily used as a feed for the character development of class 1-A student Eijiro Kirishima.

11 Spinner

Still image of my hero academia villain spinner.

Comic Relief Character first introduced in My hero academiaIn the third season of, Spinner is not intended to be taken seriously. With the habit of empowering him with reptiles, most of his villain’s allies take him seriously, and he is often compared to the cartoon hero Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But in the cartoon series, spinners play a dramatically different role. Spinner, who has become a social exile as a result of his strange appearance, struggles to find his purpose as a villain, despite having little real power.

Ten Twice

Twice with a torn mask

Jinbu by Kawara is well known as the villain Twice. He was originally a member of the Rogue Federation and later a lieutenant on the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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Although he is comedy and expressive, he has also been shown to struggle internally, and his inner struggle stems from something more tragic, his lack of friendship. Himiko Toga’s friendship and compassion are both interesting because I don’t think they are villains, but I worked hard until the end.

9 Himiko Toga

Toga Himiko close-up

Toga Himiko’s character arc is interesting from start to finish. The traumatic history of her family judgment has led her to abandon her otherwise cheerful personality and look for bad guys who would not deny her based on her unusual habits. ..

She is fascinated by the concept of love and seems unable to escape it, even when explaining herself in the middle of a battle. Her energy is generally offensive to the people she encounters, as she leans forward under the title of “villain” and takes advantage of it. She will lead the Vanguard Action Team at Forest Training Camp Ark, and will continue on multiple missions thereafter.

8 Re-destro

A close-up of My Hero Academia's villain Re Destro.

Thanks to its angular facial features and pinstripes suit, it is often compared to the DC villain The Joker. Re-Destro is the CEO of Detnerat and the son of Destro, a revolutionary who fought for the release of misaligned Quirk users. He is a major hurdle in the quest for control of Tomura Shigaraki, and when Shigaraki unleashes the true potential of his power, he meets his match.

Re-Destro, a seemingly relatively uninteresting villain, serves as a reminder that it’s not all. MHA The bad guys act as villains just for that. Re-Destro had a complex heritage and belief system, and he fought not for confusion, but for establishing his own version of justice.

7 Chisaki Kai

Kai Chisaki with or without a mask

Kai, also known as the overhaul, is the leader of the Shiehasai Kai and He wields an incredibly powerful Quirik This allows him to disassemble and reassemble the composition of the materials he touches. One of the coolest things he did was to merge with Makoto Niimoto for his confession habit and Rikiya Katsugame for his stamina siphon habit during a hero raid on his organization. was.

His story is one of the coolest. Despite his propensity and lack of value for human life, he seems to care about the boss who saved him from the street, but his actions are still almost inhuman. When he disagreed with his boss, he kept him in a coma while trying to complete his own personal revenge. He is a pandemic wearing an iconic pandemic mask and adds some serious flair to his design.

6 Davi

Davi’s casual and arrogant look makes him strangely appealing to many fans. He became even more relevant when the manga revealed his real name, Toyoya Tateki.

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He has one of the most tragic careers, but when he realizes to some extent that he agrees with Stain’s philosophy that society would be better without a hero, he grows up as a character and reveals his emotions. increase. He becomes one of the more interesting villains as his stakes rise as he begins to involve Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki in plans to hurt people and his family.

Five Black fog

Oboro Hakuun Black Paulownia

Introduced in My hero academiaIn his first season as a core member of the Rogue Federation, Shigaraki was a mysterious entity, and he could hardly understand the substance or the inside story. However, following the revelation of Season 5, he changed from a horrifying figure to a tragic figure.

In fact, Kurogiri is an experimental Noh made from the corpse of Shota Aizawa’s childhood friend. Originally a cheerful go getter, his previous personality remains little and he is one of the most annoying stories in the entire series.

Four Red and black chizome

Chizo Akakuro jumps out into the air

Chizo Akakuro, also known as Hero Killer Stain, is a villain vigilant who believes the world would be a better place without a hero. Specifically, he claims to be a fake hero, a hero who helps, but he hates people who actually have the habit of being there for fame and money. As a villain, he seems to like All Might.

He realized that his belief was based on Stendhal. Standart is another vigilant who has divided his personality and lived in both vigilant and civilian identities. Stain adopted his “duty” from someone else, and even if he knew he didn’t agree with the method, morally he would continue to do it the wrong way.

3 Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki Tomura with his hands on his face

The story arc of Shigaraki Tomura, a typical villain apprentice, seems to be quite open and shut at first. But with a tragic past and a devastatingly powerful habit, All For One’s successors are more than visible.

He started out as a typical villain who wanted to destroy what he disliked. He does so when he realizes that he needs to readjust his views in order to truly control the underground world of crime. But he seems to be fighting the fact that he wasn’t the “lucky man” saved by the hero yet, so he behaves as if the villain is everything he can do.

2 Nine

My Hero Academia Anime Nine.

Marquee villain My hero academia movie My hero academia, He has nothing to do with All-For-One like Shigaraki, but Nine is, in a sense, Darth Vader against the All-For-One Emperor.

Nine often wears some sort of life support system, habitually powerful but detrimental to physical health. He also shapes his worldview around ideas that may be correct until he participates in experimental surgery to give him One For All abilities. An incredibly powerful villain, he is only defeated when Izuku Midoriya and the bomber temporarily share power with the latter.

1 All for one

All for one

Apart from the epic battle with All Might All for one is the most powerful villain With a free-form story. He somehow loses his face, survives with his identity hidden, and escapes from Tartarus, a special prison for villain criminals.

He adapted to the loss of sensation and used Quirks to add his tremendous amount of strength and abilities. All-for-one works behind the scenes like a puppeteer and never leaves his modest and domineering personality.The man behind almost every conflict My hero academia, The influence of his still vague story cannot be denied.

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