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Like many of you, I was a little confused when I saw Vin Diesel pop up in the middle of the Game Awards last Thursday night and start breaking through a dinosaur-filled jungle. Eventually, the trailer turned out to be Ark 2, with Vin Diesel starring as the character Santiago in the sequel to the original multiplayer game. But Vin Diesel turned out to be a serious fan of Ark, so his involvement isn’t the only one. He also helps make games.

A Studio Wildcard press release explains that Vin Diesel has joined the team as an executive producer of the anime series featured at the Game Awards as well as Ark2. He won the title of “President of Creative Convergence”, but whatever it is, Vin Diesel is a big fan of Ark: Survival Evolved, so there’s a reason he’s so involved in Ark. In fact, according to Studio Wildcard CEO Doug Kennedy, he clearly spends “thousands of hours” on Ark. “He has a deep understanding of the game and provides direct feedback on the development process. [Thursday] With the sequel to Ark and the evening announcement of the anime TV series, Vinh will be involved in each, with the aim of further expanding Ark’s franchise now and in the future. “

Ark 2 Announcement Trailer

Now that the game has been spent so much time, I think Vin Diesel is eligible to be fully involved in Ark. Also, Vin Diesel.

Regarding the release date, both Ark 2 and the anime series will arrive in 2022. Beyond Vin Diesel’s involvement, the anime series has a stellar cast on its own, with voices played by David Tennant, Gerard Butler, Elliot Page, Russell and more. Now the cast is interested in me.


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