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WWE Hall of Fame 2018 member and former Intercontinental champion Jeff Jarrett was a recent guest Angle podcast, So he talked about various things. Here are some highlights from the podcast:

About Vince McMahon and the fans’ perception that he is an evil genius:

“”I and no one else can tell because we lived in a completely different reality than the Instagram model and could actually get going here, but it’s a completely different world and wrestling fans Is more educated than ever, transparent, unless you’re literally sitting in a seat, and for wrestling fans, that’s what they read, what they saw, I’ve made a lot of mistakes I think there is information and misunderstanding. I always go back to this. After all, business is a business, there are two types of ink, red and black, and Vince has been black for a long time, so his decision is very successful in bulk. It’s like the magic of our industry, where everyone knows Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and all these dynamic CEOs. They don’t come out in their products and act like this heel like the evil Vince McMahon the chairman did. This is one of the best heel personas ever in the industry as a whole. “

When I returned to WWE to work behind the scenes:

“I’m back, but I’ve never actually participated in this, but I’ve come back to actually join the team. The time there is creative, live events, international. It was made a bit here. There. I worked in multiple departments, but after all, it’s not a secret that one person writes a show, it’s one person’s vision and everything around it. Is support, and frankly he has built a billion-dollar empire that way and over the years, whether it was Pat. Paterson, Sandy Scott, or Bruce Prichard all play a support role. It does, and after all, it’s Vince’s vision. “

Why he never leaves wrestling:

“First of all, it’s very relative to be completely separated and I have a firm belief that it’s in my blood. I love this business. It’s my job and it’s my life. Passionate, but how do you want to remember? After all, this business has given me a lot, and I would like to give it a lot of gratitude, promoters, producers, Or at the core of Inling’s talent, but first and foremost, I’m a wrestling fan and an Effin fan! So as a wrestling fan, I always sit in a chair and say, “Oh, that’s new, it’s not.” I did. You will never know to try what it wants to bring to the industry, innovation, or something new. There is a subtle line between genius and madness. I love innovation, so I’m trying to keep it going. Many things are planned for 2022, and they are also innovative. “

Jeff Jarrett quit his role at WWE in January of this year, but wasn’t reported until late July.

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You can see the full look of Jeff Jarrett in The Angle Podcast below.

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Vince McMahon’s Jeff Jarrett, working behind the scenes at WWE, more Vince McMahon’s Jeff Jarrett, working behind the scenes at WWE, more

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