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Ben Lindbergh and Meg Raleigh joking about the potential benefits of a 15-second pitch clock and the massive win-percentage discrepancy between NL’s imminent wildcard winners, and then to reach the base. Answer the listener’s email about intentionally swinging at a wild pitch. ERA, whether you need to use Statcast instead of video to make a fair foul call, and DJ LeMahieu Good, and meet a major leaguer Caleb Auto When Sam Long Then run Stat Blasts on whether the rescuers are really all failed starters, and the historic failures that the pirates couldn’t complete the sweep (and more). Austin Adams Record-breaking HBP).

Audio intro: Remember sports, "clock"
Audio ending:abrasion, "I’m a failure"

Pitch Clock Link to Jason Stark
Link to Mike Sonne on pitch clock and injury
Link to JJ Cooper on pitch clock and game time
Link to Annual MLB Match Times
Link to Grant Blissby in time between pitches
Link to David Smith in time between pitches
Link to Smith on why the game is getting longer
Link to Rob Arthur on batter time between pitches
A link to Rob regarding the time between pitchers’ pitches
Link to EW episode about Wild Card Game
Link to Travis Sawchik for Wild Card Round
Link to Griffin Strikeout Post
Link to Griffin Strikeout Video
Link to Griffin Strikeout Newspaper Clipping
Link to Fuentes Strikeout Video
Link to Fuentes Strikeout Podcast
Link to Sandoval swing video
Link to SamMiller regarding ERA modifier thresholds
Link to JJ regarding thresholds for ERA modifiers
Link to Statcast Tolerance Story
Link to the story of Hawkeye in tennis
Link to Chet Gutwein on LeMahieu power outages
Link to Jeff Sullivan about the power of LeMahieu
Link to Kenny Kelly on LeMahieu and Park Effects
Link to Ort’s debut story
Link to Oort Cloud Explainer
Link to Sam Long’s Susan Slasher
Link to Long’s debut story
Link to Chafin’s “Failed Starter” shirt
Link to Relief StatBlast Data / Graph
Link to StatBlast sweep data
Link to “Full Nelson” Tweet
Link to the current “Full Nelson” club
Adams Link to Zach Kram
Adams Record Link to HBP

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Virtually Wild Episode 1748: On the Clock Virtually Wild Episode 1748: On the Clock

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