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Ben Lindbergh and Meg Raleigh Giancarlo StantonAn awe-inspiring weekend at Fenway, the most aesthetically pleasing home run hitter, Cardinals’ 16-game streak predicts (or doesn’t predict) playoff hope, and the last week of the rest of the playoff race.Then (26:32) they bring Patreon supporters Dylan Bühl Talk about his career as a professional sports photographer, answer listener emails about setting a win percentage cutoff for postseason admission, and deducting strikes for each pitch thrown outside the strike zone. This is the NBA’s Sixman of the Year baseball equivalent.Baseball players sneak up on awards, other inducted baseball professions, and how their appearance affects fandom Survivor, And, in addition to the issue of plate discipline highlights, stat blasts on MVP precedents for both leagues from teams other than the playoffs, and Rangers’ unparalleled inning streak without leads.

Audio intro: Gland, “Very expensive“”
Audio interstitial: Pretty Things, “photographer“”
Audio ending: Bill Junior Junior, “go back home“”

Link to Stanton home run against Chicago
Link to the longest Stanton home run against Boston
Link to Stanton Homer’s Ben from 2014
Link to that Stanton 2014 Homer video
Link to Strawberry Dinger Video
1986 Link to NLCSG3 Homer
Link to the 1986 World Series G7 Homer
Link to Lindsey’s tweet about Stanton
Link to Stanton and Judge Lindsey
Link to Glenalen Hill Homer
Link to Sam on home run highlights
Link to Jajafi on September record
Link to research on sports playoff randomness
Dylan Buell’s link to Instagram
Link to Nav Bhatia article
Link to 2016 article about Blue Jays scarf fans
Link to 2020 article on Blue Jays scarf fans
Links to articles about Loretta’s lounge
Link to the article Pros vs. Jaws
Link to Jeff Kent’s video above Survivor
Soto Shuffle Link to Ben
Links to articles about Rangers winning streak
Link to the second article about Rangers winning streak
Link to Leadless Streak Data
1916 Pirates / 1932Sox Link to streak data
Link to streak data loss at the end of the inning
Links to information about MVPs other than playoffs

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Virtually Wild Episode 1752: Photo Finish Virtually Wild Episode 1752: Photo Finish

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